Award-Winning Scholarship Students Take Pride in AUC

In an evening of pride and joy, scholarship students were awarded for their academic achievements and participation in extracurricular activities at the third annual recognition ceremony for new and returning students. “We are here today to award individual talent, ambitious, skillful and promising students who deserve to be educated here at AUC,” said AUC President Lisa Anderson to a crowd of proud parents, students and AUC staff members.

“Our role is to polish these students to make them more effective and to provide them with the talents, skills and qualifications needed to make a difference in the world,” she added. “Each generation of AUC graduates brings new ideas and new energy to our society. They benefit us as an institution, and they benefit their communities.”

More than 100 students honored at the ceremony, including students from the Empower and Leadership for Education and Development scholarship programs, as well as students on cultural, sports and honor scholarships. In addition, several students of named scholarship recipients were awarded, including: Ayman Korra Endowed Public School Scholarship, Apache Corporation Endowed Scholarship, Dr. Akef El Maghraby Endowed Public School Scholarship and Hisham Ezz Al-Arab Endowed Scholarship.

“My dream of studying electronics and communication engineering at AUC came true by the Molly Bartlett Endowed Scholarship,” said Zeinab Abdel Aziz. “I am very lucky to be the winner of this scholarship. Studying at AUC not only provided me with a high-quality education, but it also changed my way of thinking on many levels. AUC has a diverse community, which I am very proud and honored to be part of."

Mostafa Arafa, recipient of the Ayman Korra Endowed Public School Scholarship, echoed Abdel Aziz's sentiments. Arafa also values the extracurricular activities and the different leadership programs present at AUC, which he believes have added a lot to his skills and character. “Being an AUCian will open many doors of opportunity for me once I graduate," he said. "Through the Career Center, I will have the chance to apply for several internships, which will give me good field experience before graduation, and it will assist me with finding my dream job.” Arafa is currently studying mechanical engineering and he is a member of Resala AUC, Glow and the Help Club at the University. “Being an AUCian is the best thing that happened to me up until now,” Arafa affirmed joyfully.

In addition to the skills and qualifications students gain at AUC, receiving a scholarship gives them confidence, perseverance and hope for a better future. “The scholarship relieves my worries about my family financial affairs and gives me the feeling of being appreciated," said Hany El Tantawy, petroleum engineering major and recipient of the Apache Corporation Endowed Scholarship. "Moreover, I think it will play a vital role in helping me join any multinational company.”

Mohammed ElShafie, philosophy major and recipient of the HSBC Bank Egypt Public School Scholarship, recalled the beauty of all his memories and experiences at AUC. “My life changed on the morning of August 24, 2014, when I received a phone call saying that I was accepted at AUC and that HSBC is sponsoring my education,” he said.

ElShafie delivered words of inspiration to the attendees, saying that with the “knowledge and values we acquire at AUC, we will have the opportunity to accomplish so many things. Knowledge is power, never stop seeking knowledge and learning new things,” he affirmed.

Khaled Dahawy, vice president for student affairs, explained to the parents the importance of balancing between extracurricular activities and academics. “As a parent, I always care about my kids, who are both students here at AUC, getting high grades," Dahawy noted. "However, we should always encourage them to join as many activities as possible because this is what will shape their character and help develop their communication and presentation skills in any career they wish to pursue.”

Dalia Issa, interim director in the Office of Student Development, echoed Dahawy’s advice, adding that there are countless students who were timid and shy when they first joined AUC and who now have bloomed into their careers and lives after graduation.

Abdelghani Barakat, a graduate of the LEAD program, is one of the many success stories that illustrate the importance of joining activities on campus and the importance of providing scholarship opportunities to outstanding students. “AUC is the base on which we build our future, and not only thrive in the world, but also change the world,” said Barakat, who is also visually impaired, and was a member of the Student Union and several civil society organizations. After graduating from AUC, Barakat joined the Egyptian Disability Movement post the 2011 uprising and took part in drafting the new 2014 Egyptian constitution.

Offering advice to new and returning students, Barakat said, “You are the ones best equipped to lead Egypt’s transition to its success. It is not our role to serve our communities; it is our duty. Never stop dreaming and never stop seeking new innovative ideas, for you are the future of this world.”