AUC, Mansoura University Partner in Biomedical Sciences

AUC, Mansoura University Sign Agreement on Biomedical Science Research
AUC, Mansoura University Sign Agreement on Biomedical Science Research

AUC’s recent partnership with Mansoura University in biomedical sciences aims to enhance research and education, as well as promote educator capacity development. The agreement is the first-of-its-kind in this field between AUC and an Egyptian national university. 

“Such collaborative endeavors will be of benefit to students, faculty and the entire community,” said Rania Siam, chair of AUC’s biology department who was an integral part of the agreement. “Enhancing biomedical research and technology is essential for the progress of any nation.”

Through this partnership, both universities will promote: 

(a)    Qualified students at one institution studying biomedical sciences and biotechnology graduate-level courses at the other institution.
(b)    Collaboration between faculty members to perform joint academic and research projects.
(c)    Sharing and exchange of teaching experiences among faculty members in the areas of biomedical sciences and biotechnology.  
(d)    Involvement of scientists and physicians at Mansoura University’s Faculty of Medicine in AUC courses, conferences and seminars, as well as in the co-supervision of master’s and PhD theses at AUC.

“Both institutions have a common goal of fostering and promoting regional scientific research and could, therefore, complement the ongoing research activities,” said Siam. “The AUC biology department’s expertise and resources in basic and applied biomedical sciences, combined with Mansoura University’s know-how and assets in clinical and medical research, could serve as a hub for contemporary, collaborative and applied biomedical research in Egypt."

During her recent visit to Mansoura University, Siam said she was impressed by the involvement of medical students in ongoing research activities at the school and with individual faculty members. “Undergraduate and graduate students presented to us interesting research work, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals,” said Siam. “That is the model we follow at AUC, where education and research go hand-in-hand at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.”