5 Tips to Land the Right Job for You

Experiential learning is a helpful way to experiment with different employment possibilities.
Experiential learning is a helpful way to experiment with different employment possibilities.

Although it is only October, many soon-to-be alumni are already asking the inevitable question: What will I do after I graduate? For AUC graduates, there are a wealth of potential career paths to pursue, yet figuring out which one is right for you is often an overwhelming task. Here are a few tips to get started.


  1. Seek career guidance through meeting with one of the Career Center’s advisers,” says Maha Guindi, executive director of the Career Center. While it may sound obvious, it is important to use the available resources on campus in securing your dream job.


  1. Utilize the experiential learning channels to learn about an array of career fields through job shadowing visits, networking or speaking with professionals at Career Day, and interning for a minimum of one month during winter or summer vacations,” adds Guindi. Experiencing potential career paths is crucial to finding the one that’s best fit for you.


  1. Perfect your methodological skills (analysis and problem solving), people skills (leadership and working in a group) and hard skills (tech savvy and language proficiency). In other words, sharpen your abilities across a broad range, advises Guindi.


  1. Have confidence. “We are keen on individuals who have the confidence to roll their sleeves, drive initiatives and demonstrate the ability to adapt in our constantly changing environment,” says Mirray Fahim ‘06, human resources business partner at Nestle Egypt.


  1. Take advantage of your time and experiences at AUC. “AUC was definitely a springboard for my career,” remembers Fahim “The range of extracurricular activities available allowed me to experiment various interest areas and refine my soft skills, which are key. AUC also offers a practical approach to education. This made me 'learn by doing,' which is - in essence - the way you continue to learn as a professional. Finally, appreciating the diversity at AUC allowed me to assimilate in an international workplace and leverage this diversity for team successes.”