Ramadan By Students: Five Designs Win Decoration Competition

A collage of four students standing next to their Ramadan designs on campus. In the top right, a female student stands next to her banner design, on the top left, a girl smiles in front of the library facade with her AUC and Ramadan Kareem signs on the front. On the bottom left, a male student stands next to his library with his AUC design with the "C" as a crescent. On the bottom right, a female student stands next to her geometric designs strung between the trees. In the center bottom a male student.

Campus is coming alive this month with the spirit of Ramadan — from streamers with crescent moons to celebratory arches and lanterns, festive energy can be felt in every corner. Ahead of the holy month, AUC hosted a Ramadan decoration competition, inviting students to submit sustainable, low-cost designs. Five students were selected as winners, and their ideas were integrated into the University’s holiday decorations. 


Rihem Sejil, who studies political science and journalism and is a recipient of the U.S. Department of State funded Tomorrow's Leaders Undergraduate Program, submitted a flag design and dangler idea, which was integrated into the library facade design.

Two photos of Rihem Sejil standing next to her designs on campus with the original design displayed next to them. On the left, a blue hanging banner with the words "American University in Cairo" with lanterns on the top and dates and a tea pot on the bottom. On the right, a hanging design of a yellow crescent with the letters AUC strung beneath it, hanging on the library facade.











Omnia Antar Aly, who studies history, game design and interactive design, crafted designs for streamers which were hung throughout the trees on campus. 
A photo of Omnia Antar Aly standing in front of her decorations on campus. The decorations are geometric designs of the AUC logo using geometric designs in blue, gold and red shades. To her right is the original digital design she submitted.











Nadine Ibrahim, who studies architectural engineering, contributed to the design of the library facade. 
Nadine Ibrahim stands and smiles in front of the library facade design. The design features the words "Ramadan Kareem" written in white font with AUC's logo colors of orange, blue and yellow as background. The AUC logo sits above the words with geometric designs and the "C" is a yellow crescent. To the left is a photo of the original design she submitted with similar elements.











Omar Basyouny, who studies mechanical engineering and psychology and is a recipient of the U.S. Department of State funded Tomorrow's Leaders Gender Scholars Program, submitted a design to make the AUC “C” into a crescent for the library facade. 

Omar Basyouny smiles in front of the AUC library facade with a photo of his original design shown next to him. The designs show the AUC logo with the "C" as a crescent.










Youssef Anwar, who studies management of information and communication technology and is a recipient of the U.S. Department of State funded Tomorrow's Leaders Undergraduate Program, contributed two flag designs and a photo backdrop design. Anwar is studying abroad this semester. 

On the far right, a photo of Youssef Anwar smiling and leaning against a wall. On the far left, the original design of a photo opportunity display. The background is blue with the words "The American University in Cairo" and "Ramadan Kareem" in the top center, with pink and gold decorations of lanterns and an outline of a masjid. In the center is a photo of the display on campus with the same design.









Two photos of Youssef Anwar's banner designs and banners on campus. On the left is a blue and white banner with the words "Ramadan Kareem" with orange, yellow, blue and green geometric designs. On the right, another banner design with the words "American University in Cairo" with the same geometric designs and color scheme.











The Ramadan decoration competition provided an opportunity for students from many academic backgrounds to contribute to the holiday spirit on campus this month. “I was curious how the decorations for Ramadan would look like this year, so when the opportunity was offered for me to be part of the design, I couldn’t miss it,” Sejil explains. “My experience with designing has mostly been for digital uses. This is my first time designing for AUC and having my ideas printed and on public display, so I’m very excited!"