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a woman in an orange shirt speaks with students in the yard of a school

Public School Initiative Honored by Ministry of Education

January 16, 2024


On December 31st, 2023, the Ministry of Education celebrated the success of the School University Partnership (SUP) at the Abou El Enein school in New Cairo. The Minister of Education expressed gratitude to AUC for their pivotal role in the initiative's success, and announced plans to integrate SUP into the national strategic plan, extending its reach across all Egyptian educational directorates.

Initiated by the Middle East Institute for Higher Education, the SUP project involved the collaboration of undergraduate and graduate students, AUC faculty from various disciplines, and government school teachers and pupils in order to leave a lasting impact on nine neighboring government schools. Throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall of 2023, the team dedicated their efforts to developing student citizenship, leadership and participation, supporting sustainable development in schools, and opening doors for digital literacy.

The event, attended by the entire community-based learning team, featured Malak Zaalouk, who provided a historical background of the initiative. School pupils presented their accounts of the transformative impact SUP had on their schools. As a result of this successful collaboration, the Minister of Education recognized the program's potential to shape the future of education in Egypt.

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Header photo (taken by Ahmad El Nemr): A new outreach initiative from AUC’s Middle East Institute of Higher Education is creating school-university partnerships that promote community engagement, empower public school students and foster sustainable development.


A group of participants at the SUP honoring event
SUP participants pose with Ministry officials at the event held at Abou El Enein school.