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Meet Our New Faculty

Em Mills
September 20, 2023

A warm welcome to all our new faculty! With research interests from international policy to visual storytelling, we are thrilled to have incoming faculty this fall who are experts in a range of disciplines. Read more about the wide array of knowledge they bring to AUC, and enjoy hearing a few fun facts – they may surprise you!

sarah smierciak

Sarah Smierciak

Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science

"I think it's important for professors and students to have a good rapport. So, I try to keep it very cheerful and as fun as possible."

Research Interests: I work on the political economy of the Middle East, with a focus on global North-South relations. I look at some of the ways in which international finance and Western aid, in particular, influenced domestic political economies, as well as the consequences of that money on things like inequality and the perpetuation of poverty traps.

may haggag

May Haggag

Assistant Professor

Department of Construction Engineering

"I think I have the balance between being a hard worker and a social butterfly. I love participating in both worlds."

Research Interests: My master's work was in structural engineering, consisting of finite element modeling and the use of experimental and numerical modeling to map complex structural elements. For my PhD, I shifted to city-scale modeling, focusing on using data-driven approaches and machine learning techniques to enhance the resilience of our cities in the face of climate-induced disasters.

amr el mougy

Amr El Mougy

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

"One day, I hope that when I come to work, the car will drive itself. I wouldn't have to drive everywhere I go."

Research Interests: I work mainly in two areas: First, in cybersecurity, focusing mainly on privacy awareness. Privacy is an important element of cybersecurity globally, and there is a growing understanding of the challenges in this area. My second focal point is autonomous vehicles, which is something we're continuously working toward. 


Mennat-Allah El Dorry

Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology, Egyptology and Anthropology

"Everyone loves to eat and to talk about food. It's something that we all share."

Research Interests: I look at what people ate and how they prepared food during different time periods. I love studying and researching the history of food in Egypt. Whenever I tell anyone I study food, they are very interested in what ancient Egyptians ate, but there's so much more to discover about Egyptian food history!

A man is smiling and wearing a suit and glasses

Mahmoud Allam

Interim Dean 

School of Continuing Education

"I want to reach more and more people, both in Egypt and beyond."

Research Interests: I'm joining the School of Continuing Education at a very important time, as it is celebrating its 100th year in 2024. Therefore, one of my main goals is to capitalize on the legacy, history and the reputation of SCE to expand its programs. I want to bring SCE’s services to the community and foster the ability to reach more and more people, both in Egypt and beyond.

Iftikhar Lodhi

Iftikhar Lodhi

Assistant Professor

Department of Public Policy and Administration

"I am looking forward to exploring all the ancient spaces of beautiful Egypt."

Research Interests: I work on climate change and energy issues, and I study how international institutions and interests interact with policy processes at the national level. I am primarily interested in the influence of international actors and interests on domestic policies and policy debates.

ryan grees

Ryan Grees

Associate Professor of Practice

Department of Arts

"Usually when I enter my class, I want to break the ice as fast as possible."

Research Interests: I'm really interested in visual archives. I have already begun building an archive here of pictures taken on the streets of Cairo. I also have a project with students and alumni from my previous university, where we focus on building archives and communicating them again in a different way via workshops. 

nihal nagi

Nihal Nagi

Associate Professor

Department of Applied Linguistics

Welcome aboard! I hope you have a stress-free course."

Research Interests: My research area includes a range of subjects within linguistics. For example, I work with sociolinguistics and discourse analysis. Sometimes, I work with cognitive linguistics, which is primarily related to how we learn language as kids and adults.


Alia El Bolock

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

“My lifelong dream was to become an astronaut because I was interested in space and math and so on. Then I realized that I'm actually interested in exploration, so I ended up becoming a researcher and professor.”

Research Interests:

My research is about character computing, which is an extension of effective computing. This aims to merge psychology and computer science in order to model human behavior based on different situations and build adaptive applications. I am also interested in privacy and security, as well as utilizing machine learning and ethical AI so that people can be more aware while dealing with data.

Psychology and computer science are seemingly different fields. However, I'm very interested in combining different disciplines because in the end, computer science is a tool that can be applied in any domain. My interest during and after my PhD was to see how you can actually understand human behavior more by building computer simulations and adjusting the computer algorithms in order to understand people as individuals and treat all of them distinctly.

Marleen De Meyer

Marleen De Meyer


Department of Sociology, Egyptology and Anthropology

"It's always an adventure to work on an excavation."

Research Interests: I do archaeological research in Dayr al Barsha, which is a cemetery site from the Old Kingdom to the Middle Kingdom located in Minya governorate. I also study the history of Egyptology and how the discipline has evolved over the last 200 years, with a focus on how it developed in Belgium particularly. 

During excavations, you're there with a big team of people from all nationalities and specialties who contribute to the knowledge of the site. We always find incredible things, sometimes very unexpected things. We once found the meter stick of an American archaeologist who was working at the site in 1915. He just left it behind. We also found an intact tomb several years ago, with a coffin, mummy and two models preserved as if they were made yesterday. It’s always an adventure to work on an excavation.


Bassem Yousri

Associate Professor of Practice

Department of the Arts

“Each project is a journey, like pulling a thread. You keep pulling it until you reach something, but not the end. There’s never an end.”

Research Interests: I have been a practicing artist for around 20 years. I'm a visual artist in an expanded sense; I'm not really tied to one medium. I create mixed media installations, and I perform. I also create films, both experimental documentaries and docufiction. I keep myself entertained. Right now, I’m working on my first feature-length film. It's a docufiction that’s going to take me a couple more years to finish. 

My work is often inspired by the mundane and daily life, drawing inspiration from things that I experience on a daily basis. I try to push them further and investigate their significance in a larger sociopolitical sense. I don't really think of a particular project as a special project. Each project is a journey, like pulling a thread. You keep pulling it until you reach something, but not the end. There’s never an end.