Joining the AUC Family: Meet AUC’s New Faculty Members

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"I am excited to join AUC because it represents an opportunity to not only serve students but also facilitate dialogue between different perspectives for the sake of mutual growth. Most of all, I am looking forward to learning everything that my students have to teach me." – Thomas Rule, assistant professor of philosophy. 

This fall, AUC is welcoming 36 faculty members hailing from different parts of the globe, including Germany, Italy, Korea, Tunisia, Jordan, France, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and beyond.

Our faculty members span an array of disciplines and research interests, representing AUC’s globalised education. Often, it’s what draws faculty members to AUC.

"For me, it is always heart-warming to meet excellent students at top-notch universities,” reflected Sungsoo Chun, professor at the Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology. "I am so happy to take part in the historical movement of AUC to create a bright future with outstanding students and global-class faculty."

Similarly, Bill Forisha, professor of psychology, said, "I am honored to be able to teach at this esteemed University during the upcoming academic year. I look forward to meeting colleagues, staff and students in the weeks and months ahead."

"I am also very excited about learning from my students in particular about the contemporary culture of this most incredible and famous of lands on our ever-shrinking and shared planet," added Forisha.

Most importantly, our new faculty members share one vision: making an impact in their own way – from helping to alleviate poverty through AUC and introducing new programs to bonding with students and everything in between.

 "I am very excited to join the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) as a postdoctoral fellow. I look forward to working with J-PAL's partners in the MENA region to accelerate poverty reduction and foster evidence-based policy," said Jules Gazeaud, postdoctoral fellow at the School of Business.

“I am very proud to join the AUC family, to work in a dynamic and stimulating environment, and to collaborate with colleagues who are experts in the business industry. Joining a prestigious university such as AUC is such a privilege,” shared Rim Chérif, assistant professor, School of Business. “I would like to initiate new programs in data science, expand my research portfolio in decision sciences and contribute to AUC's continued international outreach initiative.”

“I'm very happy to be living in Cairo and very excited to be teaching with Rhetoric and Composition,” expressed Jonathan Harvey, instructor, English Language Instruction. “It's lovely to be working with a group of supportive and creative colleagues who are passionate about their teaching and helping students to fulfill their potential as AUC students.”

'It is my pleasure joining the AUC family. I am looking forward to be an effective member, and to build a strong relationship with my students,” commented Nabil Mohareb, associate professor, architecture department.

Yet, for other faculty members, it isn’t their first time entering the doors of AUC. Whether they’re returning professors, former scholars, or alumni, there’s just something about AUC that brings its community back ‘home’.

"I am delighted to be back on staff as a professor in the psychology department again! I was here in 2019-2020 as a Fulbright Scholar and enjoyed the experience and AUC very much. I am looking forward to meeting my new batch of students!” said Jacquelyn Berry, assistant professor of psychology.

Echoing the sentiment, Hanan Shahin, rhetoric and composition instructor, noted, "Not joining AUC, but rejoining! Looking forward to working again with the AUC community and the new generation of students." 

But for Sherif Fakher, assistant professor, Petroleum & Energy Engineering Department, joining AUC is even more special to him because he’s an alumnus. “As a previous undergraduate, I feel very excited to be back on campus. I look forward to meeting the students and the face-to-face classes. I am sure we will have a great semester,” he said.

On the note of students, with nearly two years of virtual learning, most faculty members are thrilled to be going back to on-ground classes and returning to campuses. “I'm excited to resume face to face teaching after more than a year of virtual classrooms,” conveyed Euan Metz, assistant professor, philosophy department.”

And to conclude, “I'm honored and excited to join the AUC community, and I am most looking forward to meeting my students,” said Christopher Elias, assistant professor, department of history.

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