A Job Well-Done: Student Organizations Awarded for Yearlong Achievements


At its end-of-year ceremony, AUC's Office of Student Life celebrated the yearlong achievements of student organizations, presenting awards to student representatives and faculty advisers.

The event included 31 winners, including student organizations and faculty advisers.


Outstanding Academic Club Astronomy Club
Outstanding Association Business Association
Outstanding Community Service Club Mashrou3 Kheir
Outstanding Conference Entrepreneurs Society
Outstanding Special Interest Club

Theater and Film Club 

Outstanding Graduate Student Organization African Heritage Association


"Always dare to take highest risks to reach the top and never mind distractions. When we started the year, we aimed to do notable signature events because the strength lies in achieving success in our club's core," said Youssef Medhat, president of AUC's Theater & Film Club. 


Progress Award (2) Sabeel
Finance and Economics Club
New Club Award Revival
Best Innovative Initiative for Electronic Elections Student Judicial Board
Best Collaboration (2) Developers Inc - Insider - CSEA-Finance and Economics Club (Volt Fest.)
Enactus-Theatre and Film Club (Yommedine Film Screening & Discussion Circle)
Best Fundraiser Student Union - Fundraising Committee
Best Treasury Cairo International Model United Nations (CIMUN)
Honorary Award (3) AUC Folklore Troupe
Avant Garde
First Year Program (FYP)


"Seeing Developers inc. rise, shine and leaving a true impact on campus is a dream comie true to me. Since the very beginning of working in Developers, I have always believed in its vision and in the change it can bring on campus. Receiving two awards at the OSL closing was such a great proof to our success," said Nouran Hassan, president of Developers Inc.

"The first award for being the most impactful means that we really managed to hit our targets and fulfill our developmental vision while the Best Collaboration Award proved our ability to engage and benefit from our community. It has been a pleasure to be recognized by the office and by our advisers and mentors as one of the best. My team exerted all the efforts to push this place to be one of the best on campus, and seeing all the efforts pay off is all I ever could ask for as their president. I wish that next year and the years after Developers will be even more impactful and inspiring." Hassan added. 


An award for their impact on Student Organizations  Developers Inc.
Integration Award (3) Cairo International Model United Nations (CIMUN)
Student Action for Refugees (STAR)
Student Union Discover Team for organizing 3 international trips & more than 8 local trips
Local Outreach Award (4) Animal Rights Association (ARA)
Architecture Association
AUC Scouts 
Robotics Club
International Outreach Award (4) Business Association
Cairo International Model United Nations (CIMUN)
Cairo International Model Arab League (CIMAL)
Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE)
Special Award Student Union International Concert Team
Special Recognition for her support to all student organizations

Mervat Abou Oaf, professor of practice, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication


Special awards were given to the clubs that won national and international prizes, in addition to honorary awards.


"Receiving the Integration Award was one of the most elated feelings I have experienced. It felt like all the hard work payed off at the end of the journey. STAR would not have been able to receive such an award without the support, motivation, effort and help of the faculty and staff advisers, STAR team and the Office of Student Life. Being STAR’s president, I am truly grateful that AUC gave me the chance to take part in extracurricular activities and find my passion through it," said Reem Akef, president of Student Action for Refugees.