Investing in What Really Matters: Join AUC's April 21st First Giving Day

AUC Giving Day


This year, AUC is launching its first Giving Day, a 24-hour, crowdfunding, digitally-driven, global fundraising and engagement initiative dedicated to supporting student financial needs. AUC alumni and friends who give back to the community will be making an investment in one of the most powerful tools for better futures – education, by supporting financial aid. The April 21 Giving Day will be global in reach and the first of its kind for AUC.

“This day is important because it’s the perfect moment to give, whether you’re a longtime supporter or have never given before,” said Raymonda Raif '91, executive director, Office of Alumni Engagement. Thanks to the generosity of one of our alumni, all gifts made on #AUCGivingDay by first-time donors will be matched. On April 21st Giving Day, alumni support would be doubled, during a month that rewards philanthropy, in a year that has seen so many families struggle financially because of the pandemic.”

University-specific giving days work to not only raise funds for current students but also to foster a sense of community and pride among their constituents. Like most universities, AUC relies on fundraising to reduce the gap between tuition expenses and revenue, with scholarship funds and financial aid mostly driven by donors. Yet, because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, giving has become even more critical for AUC in the past year, witnessing a surge in the number of financial aid applications.

Despite the challenges, AUC’s main mission remains to provide the best education to the brightest minds, regardless of their financial ability, and the AUC Annual Fund was designed to serve that mission, creating a channel to help students cover part of their tuition cost through financial aid. In FY20,  contributions raised through the AUC Annual Fund helped AUC accommodate the increase in the number of students receiving financial aid. Currently, more than 3,500 undergraduate and graduate students, representing 49% of the student body, receive a form of financial aid.

“Many of our successful alumni are beneficiaries of the financial aid program and feel that contributing to the fund is one of the ways they can help future generations benefit from the same education which helped them achieve the success that they are currently enjoying,” said Afaf Fahmy, director of AUC Annual Fund. “The AUC Giving Day is an opportunity to capitalize on that sentiment, allowing them to double the impact they could have on students by giving on the day."

"Alumni who participate are not just being philanthropic, they are showing the power of the AUC community while helping build the future generations," said Raif. "I encourage the entire AUC community to participate and show their commitment to a brighter future.”

Show your support in US dollar or Egyptian pounds for as little as $19.19, in honor of the year in which AUC was founded!