International Universities Visit AUC

International Universities Visit

The Afghanistan University Support and Workforce Development Program (USWDP) is designed to help Afghanistan’s higher education professionals effectively manage the growth of tertiary education while improving academic quality. This is part of the two-year partnership between Herat University (HU) and the University of Denver (DU) that began in November 2016. 

As part of the partnership, DU is working with HU to establish and support a new Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. DU reached out to AUC's School of Business to co-design and offer the last module in the faculty development program. This one-week program is led by the MBA/EMBA program.

The partnership is meant to develop a new MBA curriculum with quality teaching and learning material that is relevant to the market and oriented toward local capacity building, increase employment rates, as well as develop the skills of HU's Faculty of Economics in curricular and programmatic design and teaching.

"The graduating class will improve the level of knowledge of the people who work in companies. We have 30 students working already. The program will solve the problem of the human resources in the country," said Mohammad Naser Moain, dean of the Faculty of Economics at Herat University.

This module offered in partnership with AUC's School of Business is the fifth and final one. Earlier modules delivered to the faculty of HU were delivered in India, China and Rwanda.

Some of the main goals of this module are reviewing the overall progress of the MBA program from its inception to its current state; delivering content that includes assurance of learning, curricula development and developing a plan for the fourth semester thesis project; working with the HU faculty to create an academic culture that recognizes and values the role of women and gender-based equity opportunities across the program; providing training on Cascading the Process (Train the Trainers) for HU faculty who will be teaching in the MBA program; and monitoring classes and or visit campus departments, facilities and resources yet to be identified at AUC to expose HU faculty to the culture and ecosystem of the higher education experience in Cairo.

AUC is currently hosting 15 faculty members from HU including their Dean, and the program will be co-delivered by AUC's as well as DU's faculty members.

"We have 12,000 students. 70 percent of them go overseas for a semester either in Cape town or Ghana. I can see that I'm going to go back and talk to the international office about getting AUC on the map because I'm sure the students would love it and we would love to have AUC students," said Brent Chrite, dean of the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.