International Students Explore Cairo Ahead of Spring Semester

Intl Students
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As spring semester kicks off at AUC, the University is welcoming new undergraduate and graduate international students hailing from over 15 countries, further maintaining its reputation as Egypt's global University.

At AUC, the incoming students will explore a wide range of interests and gain valuable experience both in and outside of the classroom. With the help of the Office of International Programs and Services, students have already begun exploring historic Cairo — including the Pyramids of Giza, the newly-opened National Museum of Egyptian Civilization and Old Cairo.

Here's what they have to say so far.

"I came to Egypt for the adventure, to get out of my comfort zone, to have an introduction to Middle East business practices and for the cultural richness of the country. It's been absolutely amazing so far. The people, the city, the food, the campus — everything has been very smooth."

- Denis Caro-Lognoul-Brasseur, international management, Louvain School of Management

"I am just excited to be able to be here, and hope to learn not just from my professors but from everyone around me! It’s only been a few days, but I’ve been absorbing a lot of information and having a lot of fun!"

- Boo Elliott, psychology, Oberlin College

"Egypt is revered worldwide and recognized as culturally significant to the history of humanity. Its placement so central to four continents got me excited to interact personally with people from other countries. I also thought it would be really cool to come and reflect on the fact that as a child learning about Egypt I had no idea I'd live there one day. I can't wait to see how the campus brightens up when the other students get here and to explore all the parts of campus."

- Ajah Harris, physics, James Madison University

"It sounded SUPER cool to come to Cairo. Egypt is very different than any place I have ever been and that attracted me to it. It has been great having the field trips and so many things addressed during orientation week."

- Hannah Barnes, political science, University of Central Florida

"The university is so beautiful and the staff are so helpful. I came here to gain quality education and good skills, and also to meet people from all around the world."

- Ghadeer Alghurabi, international and comparative education, University of Karbala

“Egypt is such a cultural mix of African and Middle Eastern cultures. I want to learn about the [Egyptian] culture, language, history and traditions. I look forward to making amazing friends, experiencing a new country, expanding my mind, learning new ways of being, developing the confidence to face challenges myself and [exploring] a new way to learn.”

- Eliza Allford, anthropology, University of Bristol

I wanted to experience Egyptian culture and practice my Arabic, and the migration and refugee studies program is perfect for my future goals. I hope to broaden my understanding of life in the Middle East and learn about Egyptian culture.”


- Sarah Ann McCaw, migration and refugee studies

“I hope to expand my knowledge of MENA politics, strengthen my Arabic and enjoy the remarkable culture in Egypt!”


- Signe Meyer, politics and religion, Oberlin College

“I chose AUC because it is one of the most highly accredited universities in Africa. I look forward to networking and making friends with different backgrounds.”


- Khaled Aden, Master of Public Policy

“I was really interested in the country, and the history classes piqued my interest. I also come from a small liberal arts college and wanted to experience what a larger school was like before graduating as an undergraduate. I plan to create a short film documenting my experience at AUC to show at my home university as a way to encourage more students to study abroad and to add to my film portfolio.”


- Carol Luna Morales, film and media studies and history, St. Olaf College