Helping Students with Special Needs with Online Instruction Accessibility


In early March, the Student Disability Services (SDS), located in the Center for Student Well-Being, under the Dean of Students, began preparing students with special needs for the eventuality of online instruction, working hand in hand with AUC’s Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT), the Office of Tech Solutions, Assistive Technology Services, and concerned faculty. The goal was to ensure accessibility to instruction, discussion, assignments and materials for students with special needs and to also provide ongoing support for them during the period of online instruction. Students with visual impairments received hands-on training on the use of Zoom and Panopto prior to the start of online classes.

During the period of online instruction, SDS has continued to work closely with Tech Solutions to ensure accessibility of Zoom and Panopto for students with special needs. SDS has also collaborated with CLT to provide faculty with effective strategies and tips to ensure the accessibility of their online classes to these students.

SDS remains in close contact with students to provide support services, such as note-takers and Disability Buddies, and to support them with their accommodation needs.