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Water footprint on grass

Following in Our Footprints

Claire Davenport
November 4, 2022

Carbon is a major indicator of climate change. In the last century, the amount of carbon in our air has exponentially risen to a record high of over 400 particles per million — a level reached on Earth only millions of years ago. Yet while carbon emissions have a volume measurable in units of metric tons, calculating the amount any given country, organization or even person is emitting yearly is a difficult task.

When AUC initially decided to measure its carbon footprint in 2011, it faced similar challenges. However, since the first task force was commissioned to assemble this data, the University has lowered its energy consumption by 35% and published six climate footprint reports. “We measure everything in these reports, from our water and electricity use down to our composting and recycling activities,” said Khaled Tarabieh, University architect and associate professor of sustainable design in the Department of Architecture.

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