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COP27 and Beyond: Ambassador Wael Aboulmagd to Discuss Egypt's Climate Strategy, Policy at AUC

Devon Murray
August 23, 2022

Egyptian Ambassador Wael Aboulmagd, the special representative to the COP27 president, will appear at AUC Tahrir Square’s Ewart Memorial Hall on September 5 to discuss the importance of COP27 for Egypt's inclusive economic development strategy, as well as the nation's agenda and objectives for the international conference.

Aboulmagd is a seasoned ambassador specializing in international relations, climate change, democracy, politics and human rights. He is currently Egypt’s ambassador to Brazil and has formerly served as director of environmental affairs and sustainable development and deputy assistant minister for human rights and humanitarian affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When asked about Egypt’s position in and priorities for COP27, Aboulmagd told Reuters, "There are issues that are of interest and priority to developing countries, and there are high expectations from us as a developing country to ensure that these issues are taken on board and that they achieve commensurate progress with how important they are," he said. 

He also mentioned that the country is working to launch 17 initiatives across fields such as food, agriculture and water management in an effort to spur innovation and action that will help other nations fulfill their climate commitments.

Open to the public, the discussion will take place from 6:30 to 8 pm. President Ahmad Dallal will deliver the opening speech, while Rabab El Mahdi '96, '98, associate professor of political science and executive director at Alternative Policy Solutions, will moderate the discussion.

Doors close at 6:30 pm.