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Campus Conversation: Welcome Back to Campus

Reem Abouemera
September 5, 2021

Last Thursday’s Campus Conversation, Welcome Back to Campus,  provided important updates on returning safely back to campus, detailing AUC’s Back to Campus plan and discussing measures taken to ensure a productive academic semester and a safe working environment for the AUC community. 

Below are the session’s key takeaways:

  • As of September 2, 80% of the AUC community is vaccinated.
  • While the last day for on-campus vaccinations was last Thursday, AUC is in ongoing discussions with the Ministry of Health to extend the duration of availing the vaccine for a few days during the first week of classes. When it's confirmed, the AUC community will be informed.
  • If you took your first dose on campus, the second dose will be given to you on campus as well.
  • If a class has a COVID-19 case, its location will be shifted to one of the three outdoor classrooms on campus while the main classroom will be closed and disinfected.
  • To ensure adequate ventilation, all AC systems are set to have 40% fresher air intake.
  • All food outlets are expected to be fully operational by the end of the first week of classes, and all food areas will follow social distancing.
  • Everyone has access to the outdoor athletic facilities and tennis courts, but to access the pool and the gym, bookings are required 24 hours beforehand through AUC-Connect. 
  • AUC Day Care is expected to be operational sometime in September. 
  • Remote work guidelines are constantly being updated based on frequently asked questions, and they can be viewed  here. 
  • 10 Prime Speed testing units have been set up on campus for the weekly antigen tests. Unvaccinated individuals will receive an email explaining the logistics of the process. Failure to take the test on time or a positive test will result in revoked campus access. 
  • For the antigen tests, student tests costs will be added to their student bill and faculty/staff test costs will be deducted from payroll – there will be no cash payments. The test fees will be at a discounted rate of EGP 350/test for students, faculty and staff. AUC will cover the cost for scholarship students and subside the fees for certain staff job levels (employee levels 1 to 6 will pay EGP 50 per test and levels 7 to 11 will pay EGP 100/test).
  • Anyone entering the AUC campus will be required to submit the COVID-19 Self -Check, even if they're vaccinated.
  • Masks and social distancing need to be taken seriously since the number of COVID-19 cases in Egypt is rising (slowly, but still rising).
  • Feelings of anxiety and stress about being back to campus are normal. Contact the  Center for Student Well-Being if you want to talk to someone. Wellbeing conversations will also be set up soon.