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President Ahmad Dallal sits on a stage with moderator Amina Elbendary. He holds a microphone and gestures with his right hand, with a screen behind him showing an infographic explaining AUC's strategic priorities.

Campus Conversation; AUC's Strategic Priorities

March 12, 2023

During a campus conversation last week, President Ahmad Dallal spoke about the University's four core strategic pillars — student-centered culture, academic excellence, future of work: extended ed and civic engagement — and explained initiatives and projects under each. In addition to continuing to focus on the current challenges posed by the devaluation, the University must work in parallel on realizing its future ambitions, explained Dallal. Here are the key takeaways from the conversation:


  • Despite current challenges, the University must continue to work in parallel on realizing its future ambitions. The Strategic Priorities Roadmap reflects many projects and initiatives under discussion for years.
  • The four core pillars are student-centered culture, academic excellence, future of work: extended ed and civic engagement. Supporting these pillars are main initiatives like programs of the future and campus building projects. 
  • When asked about academic quality, Dallal said that AUC remains committed to creating new projects in addition to refining pre-existing structures. For instance, the University is currently working to create a PhD program for Middle East studies to further boost AUC’s voice in the realm of MENA political and academic thought. 
  • Dallal also responded to questions about the timeline associated with these priorities, emphasizing that the University is in a transitional stage with regards to budget and financial support and is dedicated to ensuring talented students can study at AUC regardless of financial ability. The president also said that many projects will be started in the near future depending on donor relations and grants.