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Board Approves Next Year's Tuition

February 27, 2020

AUC's Board of Trustees approved new tuition fees for the upcoming year. Vice President for Student Life Deena Boraie '78, '82, '88 and Interim Chief Financial Officer Amir Habib explain the new rates and the increase in financial aid and scholarships.

What are the new tuition fees for the upcoming year? 

Boraie: The Board of Trustees were here last week in their annual February meeting in Cairo, and they approved the tuition fees for next year.  

Habib: The tuition rate for undergraduate Egyptian students [will be] at 647$ per credit hour. In dollar terms, this is equivalent to the same rate of 2013. 

What does this mean for students who pay in Egyptian pounds?

Boraie: For students who pay in Egyptian pounds, this all depends on the exchange rate. 

Habib: Tuition will be 5% above Fall 2019 — using an average exchange rate for the fall semester, and 2% less than Fall 2018 compared to the current year’s budget. 

What if students can't pay the new tuition fees?

Boraie: The most important thing to remember is that AUC has and will always honor the promise we made to parents and students in 2016: No enrolled student will be forced to leave AUC because they can’t pay the fees. That won’t happen. AUC has set aside, as before, a budget for financial aid and scholarships. 

What about scholarships and financial aid?

Habib: The board approved $22.5 million for financial assistance, funded by AUC. This represents a 13% increase over the current year’s budget. 

Boraie: If you have any difficulties, we will take care of it, and we will help you. You will graduate from AUC. 

For more information, visit www.aucegypt.edu/admissions/tuition-and-fees.