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AUC, USAID Inaugurate Two Centers for Career Development at Tanta University

January 24, 2022

AUC celebrated the opening of two University Centers for Career Development (UCCDs) at Tanta University's Faculties of Engineering and Commerce, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). 

“We are pleased with the cooperation and exchange of experiences with Tanta University in establishing its two UCCDs, and we congratulate them on their inauguration today," said AUC President Ahmad Dallal at the opening. "The two UCCDs will offer a variety of career services to Tanta University students and will help them enhance their employability and competitiveness in the labor market. I thank the U.S. Agency for International Development for its continued support of the University Centers for Career Development project.”

The University Centers for Career Development project aims to provide career guidance services and free-of-charge employability skills and technical training for university students to help bridge the gap between the university education outcome and the needs of the labor market. The UCCDs also support students in finding job opportunities through employment fairs or creating jobs through entrepreneurial training.

Tanta University President Mahmoud Zaki expressed his pleasure about the mutual cooperation with AUC and USAID, pointing out that the ceremony comes as a result of the efforts and plans to continue to develop Tanta University with the support of national and international partners. He added that the university sets objectives that align with Egypt’s Vision 2030 - with a focus on development, education and scientific research - and emphasizes developing student skills to enter new job markets.

The UCCDs at Tanta University are the 17th and 18th centers to be launched by the University Centers for Career Development project. Over the past three years, 16 centers were established at 11 universities in 10 governorates from Alexandria to Aswan, providing their services to more than 200,000 students and graduates from various governorates.

The two University Centers for Career Development at Tanta University will empower students to take steps to pursue their desired career paths and successful transition from university to the labor market. In cooperation with eminent training partners, the centers will offer students a comprehensive range of courses and training in the areas of career management, employability skills and entrepreneurship.

To ensure the sustainability of the career development centers and its career services, the AUC team will train and certify Tanta University UCCD staff as career service providers who are capable of providing career guidance services to university students. The International Labor Organization will also train the center's staff on researching and analyzing labor market information and will develop their capabilities to serve students with disabilities.