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AUC Partners with Arab Academy, AlAlamein International University in Teaching, Scientific Research

April 11, 2021

AUC signed an MOU with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) and a strategic partnership agreement with AlAlamein International University to enhance collaboration in higher education.


AUC and AASTMT signed an MOU at the Academy's main headquarters in Abu Qir to facilitate academic cooperation and activities between the two universities, with an AUC delegation visiting the headquarters of AASTMT in Alamein city.

AUC President Francis Ricciardone congratulated AASTMT on the inauguration of its newest branch in 2019, saying, "Over the past 30 years, your prestigious academy has significantly contributed to higher education through its eight campuses. We are here today to bring our institutions together to advance knowledge, to serve our common interest in the fields of research, teaching, and learning activities, and most importantly to provide young Egyptians with the quality of education they deserve for a better and a brighter future."

Ricciardone said that AUC, as a leading American-accredited institution of higher education that aims to enrich its strategic partnerships with Egyptian Universities through comprehensive engagement utilizing all resources in hand.

AASTMT President Ismail Abdel Ghaffar Ismail Farag said, "We are pleased with this partnership because AUC is one of the pioneering universities, and our common goal is to expand this academic cooperation to include new programs." He added that this cooperation would benefit both institutions and positively reflect on students' educational experiences and provide opportunities to enhance collaboration in the future."

The agreement between AUC and AASTMT aims to explore and promote cooperation and collaboration in the fields of teaching and scientific research and develop programs that mutually benefit both parties and exchange experiences in research fields and exchange students and faculty members.  

AUC and AIU signed a strategic partnership agreement at AlAlamein International University's headquarters in the new Alamein city. The signing ceremony was attended by faculty deans, program managers, faculty members, and AIU students. 


The agreement aims to further cooperation between AUC and AIU at various educational and developmental levels to support sustainable community-university partnerships. The agreement also aims to provide cooperation on academic and non-academic activities that will strengthen mutual understanding, foster friendly cooperation, and promote sustainable and productive academic cooperation and exchange between faculty, researchers, and students of both parties.

Welcoming AUC delegation to the AlAlamein campus, AIU President Essam El Kordi said, "[AIU] is keen to establish local and international partnerships with many prestigious universities, as a strategic partnership agreement was signed with Alexandria University at the local level, and at the international level there are partnerships with Michigan State University and Louisville University. Other agreements are underway to establish partnerships with Virginia Tech University, East London University, and Northwestern University."

At the signing ceremony, AUC President Ricciardone said, "We are excited about this partnership. We believe it is full of promise, and we are eager to see it succeed, expand, and endure." He added that partnerships between institutions, like friendships between individuals, are built on shared values. "And there can be no doubt that AUC and AIU share important values and missions: to bring people together to pursue knowledge, improve quality of education in Egypt, and enhance understanding of the value of diversity."

Ricciardone noted that AUC will provide all the strategic support through its Executive Education programs, School of Continuing Education, and capacity-building programs in various areas, including research, finance, human resources management, digital transformation and externally funded opportunities.