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AUC-Azza Fahmy Collaboration Brings Jewelry Business Studies for Creative Entrepreneurs

Devon Murray
January 15, 2022

Collaborating with the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy, AUC’s School of Continuing Education (SCE) is launching a new 14-week course that will empower jewelry artists with the skills and business knowledge they need to launch a successful and sustainable business.

Fashion Jewelry Business Management, which begins on January 22, will cover the ins and outs of both jewelry design and business management — providing learners with both skills and knowledge that will take their designs and entrepreneurship to the next level.

Taking business management with SCE instructors at AUC Tahrir Square and jewelry design classes at Design Studio by Azza Fahmy, “participants will learn how to create a collection from scratch and how to incorporate it into the market,” a statement from the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy read. 

“The course will give participants the tools they need to harness their creative spirit, turn it into something tangible and transform that product into a business effort,” explained James Ketterer, SCE's dean.

He continued: “There’s no one better to work on this with than Azza Fahmy, because of what she and her team are doing and have demonstrated as success.”

Azza Fahmy is widely known as the first woman to train in Egypt’s jewelry quarter in 1969. It was there that Fahmy developed her unique designs that later became an integral part of her world-renowned jewelry business. Established in 2013, Design Studio by Azza Fahmy is Egypt and the Middle East’s first contemporary jewelry design and jewelry making school.

“A collaboration between two iconic names in their fields — Design Studio by Azza Fahmy and AUC’s SCE —  will work to honor our rich heritage and diverse design history through a collaborative program that will bring the best of what each has to offer,” read the statement from Design Studio by Azza Fahmy. “They’ll be creating new experiences for those who want to push the boundaries of fashion and business, to create something new and inspiring. 

The collaboration comes as SCE is branching out and creating more programs for lifelong learners, including more liberal arts courses, as well as reviving its face-to-face courses at AUC Tahrir Square and expanding courses at the New Cairo campus.

“SCE has spent the last few years not only working hard to put many of our courses online, but also thinking hard about which programs really serve our mission and Egyptians,” Ketterer said, adding that with the addition of online courses, the school extended its global reach.

“This challenging time [amid the coronavirus pandemic] has given us an opportunity to do more across Egypt and beyond its borders while still helping people to transform their lives here in Cairo,” he said.

The course is a perfect match with the school’s mission to support both individual interests in society and to play a key role in Egypt’s overall development, according to Ketterer.

“This program puts reality to the idea that AUC is a private university in support of the public interest,” he said.


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Photo courtesy of the Design Studio by Azza Fahmy