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23-Year-Old Alumna One of the Youngest Managers at Egypt's Ministry of State for Information

Nahla El Gendy
July 21, 2020

Her young age didn't stop her from dreaming big and achieving her goals. Sarah Seif '18, journalism and mass communication graduate, has been appointed as a crisis communications and media monitoring manager at Egypt's Ministry of Information. At age 23, she is one of the youngest managers at the ministry, leading a team of seven people.

"Working in public policy and reputation management for Egypt's Ministry of Information has always been a dream of mine since I was a student at AUC," reflected Seif. "My new role of managing crisis communications and media monitoring makes the sky the limit for my aspirations. My biggest dream is to really see this country on top of the world with the best reputation and media communications possible, for I believe we are a very rich country in terms of  resources and talent in the media sphere. Being where I am today is only a dream come true, and I owe it all to AUC: firstly, for the education that equipped me well for such a role at the age of 23, and second, for CareerWeb that allowed me to land this opportunity."

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