Prince Turki Al Faisal Delivers Keynote Speech In AUC Research Day On The Challenges Facing The Arab Region

Prince Turki Al Faisal, chairman of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies delivered the keynote speech on the first research day at The American University in Cairo (AUC) last week. Al Faisal shed the light on the current conditions in the Middle East and on the importance of science and technology being the two factors that rule the world now. He stressed on the important role Egypt plays in the Middle East's future direction saying that the contribution of the Egyptian people’s talent is a must. "Looking into today’s conditions in the Middle East, we find little optimism. It is a must to expose ourselves to all possibilities,” he said.Al Faisal pointed out that the causes of the current regional crisis are a result of failure from regional states to face resilience, as well as poor social, economic and cultural policies. “It is imperative for us to consciously learn about the pit falls of the past. We must plan our future wisely. We must courageously face the challenges of our existence. Today, we're facing immense challenges. Some of them are in our hands to solve, but others need to lend a hand," he said. He also added that the realization of such goals cannot be achieved without creating a relationship between the state and the citizen. “States need to attend to their citizen's ambitions. Governments must respond energetically and constantly strive to meet society’s need. We must strive to help Arab states and help their societies by creating a social contract that will save them from their miseries. We must ensure our regional security requirement and collectively strive to face these imminent dangers. We must rectify the imbalances. These reforms will facilitate a positive interaction with globalization." Ehab Abdel Rahman, vice provost and professor said that AUC’s Research Day is a unique opportunity to appreciate the work of talented AUCians who will be at the forefront, leading this country for decades to come. AUC Research Day provides a chance for students to explore research ideas and network with the community, as well as attendees coming from different professional backgrounds. Abdel-Rahman hopes to make Research Day an annual tradition at AUC for years to come. “Bridging between different disciplines and communicating one's research or creative work in everyday language can create new partnerships, new insights into work and new tracks of inquiry.”

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