AUC, USAID and Minia University Celebrate the Launch of Minia University Center for Career Development

July 15, 2018, Minia – The American University in Cairo (AUC), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Minia University celebrated today the opening of on-campus University Center for Career Development (UCCD) in Minia University. The center, which is funded by USAID and implemented by AUC, will help university students develop skills needed to prepare for and attain employment upon graduation. The center is the first of 20 sustainable UCCDs in 12 public universities in Upper Egypt, Delta and Greater Cairo, providing access to career guidance services for over one million students.The inauguration was attended by Essam El Bedewy, Governor of Minia; Gamal El Din Aboul Magd, Minia University President; Sherry F. Carlin, director of USAID/Egypt Mission; Francis J. Ricciardone, AUC President; Ashraf Hatem, AUC Counselor and Ehab Abdel Rahman, AUC Provost.   Carlin said: "In partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and The American University in Cairo, this project will help students find jobs and will link universities to the labor market to reduce unemployment rates among graduates and impact the Egyptian economy in general."   Speaking at Minia University, Ricciardone said: "I am so pleased that today The American University in Cairo is launching our newest, important collaboration with the Egyptian national university system here at Minia University.  We thank the Ministry of Higher Education for facilitating this program, and we thank the people of the United States of America for their very generous grant provided through USAID.” He highlighted how Minia's new University Center for Career Development will serve as a bridge among the employers of this region, the University, and its students, saying: “Just as our Career Center at AUC does in Cairo, Minia's University Center for Career Development will help businesses and students in Minia to better match each other's needs as employers seeking talented employees, and as future graduates seeking good employment.” Ricciardone added: “This is a very fitting project through which AUC is continuing its first century of service to the people of Egypt, as we celebrate our Centennial with the coming academic year.”    Aboul Magd affirmed his pleasure with the UCCD Center saying: "This center is an important addition to prominent Minia University and provides an important service for its students to better qualify them for the labor market and provide them with employability skills through training courses, career guidance, and researching labor market needs to raise their competitiveness. This will have a positive impact on the business sector and industry in Minia Governorate."   The Minia University Center for Career Development will empower students to pursue their professional choices and facilitate their transition from university to the workforce.  In cooperation with public universities and private sector training partners, the Centers will offer a comprehensive package of guidance and training in career management, employability skills, technical training, and entrepreneurship. The AUC team will also train the Minia University center staff to sustain the delivery of career guidance services to university students.

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