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وضع حجر الأساس لمشروع الحرم الجامعي 2026

AUC Unveils Visionary Campus-2026 Project

June 4, 2024, Cairo, Egypt – The American University in Cairo (AUC) announced the groundbreaking of Campus 2026, a transformative initiative poised to revolutionize higher education in Egypt. Aiming to diversify the student body, enhance Egypt’s workforce, and promote innovation and creativity, this ambitious project embodies AUC's commitment to academic excellence and community engagement. Campus 2026 comprises three pivotal  components: an Extended Education Hub, a cutting-edge Technology, Research, and Innovation Lab (TRI-Lab), and Next Generation Student Living and Learning Spaces. “Campus 2026 is a reflection of the University’s commitment to a student-centered culture, academic excellence, and service to Egypt and the region,” said AUC President Ahmad Dallal. “Each aspect of this project leverages existing strengths and prepares AUC to excel in the rapidly changing landscape of higher education around the world. The student residences will provide fully immersive student learning experiences and the TRI-Lab will connect them to real-world applications, problem solving skills and industry well before they even graduate. In addition, the Extended Education Hub builds on AUC’s strong track record in continuing education, equipping the workforce in Egypt and the region to prepare for the future of work in a dynamic job market,” he explained.

The groundbreaking ceremony marked the beginning of a multi-phase construction plan, with the first phase expected to be completed by the end of 2026.

The Extended Education Hub will offer a wide range of programs for lifelong learners and professionals seeking to enhance their skills. Building on AUC’s century of expertise in lifelong education through the School of Continuing Education, this facility will integrate executive education from the Schools of Business, Global Affairs and Public Policy and Sciences and Engineering. It will significantly expand AUC’s outreach efforts and amplify its endeavors to
prepare Egypt and the region’s workforce for the future of work. 

The Technology, Research, and Innovation Lab (TRI-Lab) is set to become Egypt’s first university-led innovation hub. It will support academic excellence and foster interdisciplinary research and innovation in crucial fields like energy studies, sustainability and the environment. Moreover, it will tackle real-world challenges by bringing together scholars, scientists, and industry experts, effectively bridging the gap between classroom learning and practical application.

Understanding the value of a supportive living environment, Campus-2026 will also unveil new residential facilities for students to live and learn on campus. These modern residences are designed to cultivate a sense of community and academic excellence, featuring sustainable design elements and communal spaces. The new housing will provide a nurturing environment where students and faculty can thrive, collaborate, and build lasting connections. It will also allow students from Egypt and the region to have a residential, independent experience without having to travel abroad.

“It has been special for me to return to AUC after more than a decade,” said Víctor Legorreta, partner and managing director at LEGORRETA®, the firm behind AUC’s iconic New Cairo campus center and student residences and who is commissioned to build the TRI Lab. "AUC consistently looks to the future while honoring its rich heritage, a balance reflected in its architecture. The primary objective behind the creation of the new TRI Lab is to establish a world-class facility that integrates cutting-edge technologies while respecting Egypt’s remarkable history and traditions."

Stu Rothenberger, senior principal and global higher education leader, DLR Group, who is commissioned to design the Extended Education Hub and the Next Generation Student Living and Learning Spaces explains that the projects will not only redefine the educational landscape in the region but also contribute to AUC’s inspiring legacy of advancing higher education worldwide. “We are honored to have partnered with The American University in Cairo to achieve its visionary approach.”

Since the early development stages of AUC New Cairo campus, the University has foreseen the need for additional projects to align with future educational and market demands. The relocation of AUC’s campus from Tahrir Square to New Cairo in 2008 was a significant milestone in the University’s history, signifying a bold leap into the future through creating a city of learning that is now the state-of-the-art New Cairo campus. Today, once again, AUC is preparing a revitalized vision for the future of AUC New Cairo, preparing AUC students to become global leaders, addressing the pressing challenges of our time and serving Egypt and the region.

“This project will enhance our educational offerings of providing excellence in education and research capabilities while fostering a vibrant, inclusive environment where ideas and cultures converge,” Dallal said. “Campus-2026 embodies our vision for the future of higher education in Egypt, preparing our students to become global leaders and addressing the critical challenges of our time. Together, we will create a brighter, more sustainable future for Egypt and the world."

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Founded in 1919, The American University in Cairo (AUC) is a leading English-language, American- accredited institution of higher education and center of the intellectual, social, and cultural life of the Arab world. It is a vital bridge between East and West, linking Egypt and the region to the world through scholarly research, partnerships with academic and research institutions and study abroad programs. 

The University offers 39 undergraduate, 52 master’s and two PhD programs rooted in a liberal arts education that encourages students to think critically and find creative solutions to conflicts and challenges facing both the region and the world. 

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