AUC Showcases Latest Research in the National Conference For Scientific Research

March 26, 2018, Cairo – The American University in Cairo (AUC) showcased its latest research in the National Conference for Scientific Research, which was organized recently by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research under the auspices of President Abdelfattah El Sisi.In the scientific research exhibition organized on the sidelines of the conference, AUC faculty, undergraduates and alumni displayed their latest research. Yehea Ismail, director of the Nanoelectronics and Devices Center (CND) at AUC and professor in the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering showcased the “lab on a chip” which is a cheap and fast way, using a biochip, to diagnose different diseases like cancer thus allowing for more effective treatment due to early and accurate diagnosis. AUC's provost, Ehab Abdelrahman and the University’s research teams also discussed ways to utilize these projects in real-world applications.    “If we shed the light on the achievements of young people in research in Egypt then we will encourage many to contribute. I hope that we continue to hold such conference if not annually then every two years, as it is very important to encourage young researchers and faculty to contribute to research and development in Egypt,” said Abdelrahman.   On AUC’s participation, Abdelrahman said: “AUC is part of the eco system in Egypt, we are one of the leading universities in Egypt in research and in providing high quality education. We might be small when it comes to the number of students but we have a strong impact when it comes to productivity and contribution to scientific research, and producing high caliber graduates to join the workforce in Egypt.”   AUC students and alumni presented another innovation to develop the steel industry through “spined steel”, which is a novel way to reinforce concrete and give it more flexibility to withstand vibrations, earthquakes and explosions. The innovation is the project of five construction engineering students and alumni at AUC: Mohamed Abdelomoez, Hatem Sabry, Hossam Okasha, Omar Alaa and Hassan Dorgham, under the supervision of AUC professors Mohamed Darweesh, Ezzeldein Yazeed and Mohamed Abo Zeid. The team successfully acquired a preliminary patent for their work in partnership with AUC.   In the conference, Alaa Al Din Adris, associate provost for innovation, research and creativity at AUC, who chaired a session on the policies and legislation of the science and technology innovation systems in Egypt, said, “the conference provided a forum for research communities to get introduced to what is happening in each institution. It is useful to the country and would fulfil its potential if linked to the metrics of the progress we are making towards vision 2030.”

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