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Media Interviews

The office arranges for media interviews, whether print or TV, with AUC experts. 

Contact us to know the experts in the field you want, to set up the time and date of the interview, and to secure entrance to the campus. For TV crews, we arrange the setting, arrange for golf cars to transport equipment from AUC gates to the desired destination on campus, and facilitate the entrance of TV equipment to the campus.  The office also assists crews in selecting AUC students to talk about different subjects and to give their opinion in various issues. TV crews are advised to contact the media liaisons at least one day before shooting. 

Photography Permits

The media unit assists photographers in getting original shots of AUC’s campuses, faculty, staff and students for media purposes and when appropriate. For questions, information or inquiries on events, media representatives should contact AUC's media liaisons.

Rehab Saad 

Senior Director of Media Relations & University Spokesperson
tel +20.2.2615.3705    
mobile +20.10.6881.5048
[email protected]

Dena Rashed 

Associate Director, Media Relations
tel +20.2.2615.2383
mobile +20.12.8000.9078
[email protected]