Sabbaticals and Other Leaves

Faculty Leaves: Sabbatical, pre-tenure, professional development, and leave without pay will be processed by submitting an online form that will flow automatically from faculty members to the department chair to the dean to the provost to add transparency and reliability to each step of the process.

To submit an application for FY23-24, click here.

Application for year 2023-2024


Due date for faculty to submit online leave applications to the department chair/director for sabbatical, development (pre-tenure), professional development (instructor, POP), and leave without pay*

November 1, 2022**


The chair/director submits his/her recommendation to the dean

November 7, 2022**

Dean submits his/her recommendation to the provost

November 15, 2022**

Provost submits his decision to the faculty copying chair and dean

November 30, 2022**

* For medical and maternity leaves, the online request will flow from the faculty member to the AUC Medical Services to make their recommendation directly to the provost.
** If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is automatically extended to the next working day.

To submit an evaluation form for preparation for the tenure award, click here.

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