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Brief Biography

Maha Bali is an associate professor of practice at the Center for Learning and Teaching at The American University in Cairo. She serves as International Director of Digital Pedagogy Lab, editor at Hybrid Pedagogy journal, and editorial board member of Teaching in Higher Education, Online Learning Journal, Journal of Pedagogic Development and Learning, Media and Technology. She blogs for the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Prof Hacker and DMLCentral blogs. She is co-founder of

Bali has taught educational game design, ed tech for teachers, and has co-facilitated several open online learning experiences including #CCourses, #MOOCMOOC Critical Pedagogy, Digital Writing Month and #OpenLearning17.  She is a MOOCaholic, Writeaholic and passionate open and connected educator. Her research interests including open and online education, critical thinking and critical pedagogy, intercultural learning, citizenship and higher education.

She holds a PhD in Education from the University of Sheffield in the UK.

She writes at


PhD in Education, University of Sheffield, UK, 2013

MEd in eLearning, University of Sheffield, UK, 2006

BSc in Computer Science, American University in Cairo, Egypt, 2001

Selected Publications

Select peer-reviewed publications

Bali, M., Caines, A., DeWaard, H., & Hogue, R. (2016, December). Ethos and Practice of a Connected Learning Movement: Interpreting Virtually Connecting Through Alignment with Theory and Survey Results. Online Learning Journal, 20(4). Retrieved from

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Hamon, K., Hogue, R. J., Honeychurch, S., Johnson, S., Koutropoulos, A., Ensor, S., Sinfield, S., & Bali, M. (2015, June 4). Writing the unreadable untext: A collaborative autoethnography of #rhizo14. Hybrid Pedagogy. Retrieved from:

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Bali, M. (forthcoming). Inequalities in Digital Literacies. In B. Alexander, S. Becker, M. Cummis and C Hall Giesinger (eds) Digital Literacy in Higher Education, Part II: A New Media Horizon Project Strategic Brief. Volume 3.4, August 2017. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.

Bali, M., & Mostafa, H. (forthcoming). Listen Carefully and You Will Hear: Using Creative Multimodal Assessments to Promote Student Expression. In S. Khadka & J. C. Lee (eds). Designing and Implementing Multimodal Curricula and Programs. Routledge.

Bali, M., & Sharma, S. (in press). Envisioning Postcolonial MOOCs: critiques and ways forward. In M. Kent and R. J. Bennett (eds). Massive Open Online Courses and Higher Education: Where to Next?

Bali, M., & Sharma, S. (in press). The unbearable whiteness of the digital. In D. Kim and J. Stommel (eds). Disrupting the Digital Humanities.

Non-peer reviewed in an Academic Journal (selection)

Bali, M. (2015, October 21). Yearning for praxis: Writing and teaching our way out of oppression. Hybrid Pedagogy. Retrieved from: 

Bali, M. (2015, March 31). Embracing Subjectivity [featured column]. Hybrid Pedagogy. Retrieved from:

Bali, M. (2015, February 26). Inner voice, criticality and empathy [featured column]. Hybrid Pedagogy. Retrieved from:

Select trade journal publications & conference presentations

Bali, M. (2017, April). What is Open Pedagogy Anyway? Year of Open.

Bali, M. (2017, January 31). There is More Than One Story to Be Told About Muslims in Trump’s America. The Conversation, republished 4 times, including Huffington Post

Bali, M. (2017, January 2). Fake News: Not Your Main Problem. DML Central. Retrieved from:

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Bali, M., Bowles, K., & Prinsloo, P. (2016, August 10). International something: Why you should care 

Bali, M. (2016, July 5). A postcolonial look at the future of #EdTech. Biennale of Sydney. Retrieved from:

Bali, M. (2016, Jan/Feb). Knowing the difference between digital skills and digital literacies and teaching both. Literacy Worldwide. Published hard copy, but also published on the Literacy Daily; retrieved from:

Bali, M. (2013, August 19). Critical citizenship for critical times. Al-Fanar: News and Opinion about Higher Education. Retrieved from

Bali, M. (2013, July 19). Will the latest generation of online courses help the Arab world? Al-Fanar: News and Opinion about Higher Education.  Retrieved from:

Keynotes and Invited Talks

  • Bali, M. (2017, May 29). Closing Plenary Panel. International Communications Association Conference, ICA17, San Diego, CA, USA.
  • Bali, M. (2017, April 5). Hiding in the Open (keynote). Open Educational Resources 2017 (#OER17). London, UK. Slides/video at:
  • Bali, M., & Aboulmagd, N. (2017, March).  Digital Pedagogy in the Regional Context (invited workshop). Digital Humanities Beirut, March 2017.

Research Interests

  • Critical Thinking, critical pedagogy
  • Higher Education
  • Faculty development
  • Educational technology, eLearning, Digital pedagogy
  • MOOCs, open education
  • Intercultural Learning
  • Community-based Learning
  • Citizenship Education

Teaching Interests

  • Teacher education
  • Educational technology
  • Educational game design
  • Digital literacies and citizenship
  • Intercultural learning
  • ESL