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Khalil Elkhodary

  • Position: Professor
  • Department: Department of Mechanical Engineering
Brief Biography

Khalil I. Elkhodary is a professor of mechanical engineering at The American University in Cairo (AUC). His research interests are generally in computational multiscale and multiphysics modeling and simulation. He co-authored a graduate textbook on nonlinear finite elements of continua and structures, which now has more than 7,000 citations. He serves as founding co-director of AUC’s virtual reality and augmented reality lab, established in 2021. Elkhodary also spearheaded for AUC the establishment of the Magdi Yacoub Foundation Research Laboratories (biomedical and life science) at AUC in 2017 and has been working with Sir Yacoub’s research team on cardiovascular modeling and simulation research since then.

Elkhodary received a BSc (2003) and MSc (2006) from The American University in Cairo, Egypt, and an MSc (2010) and PhD (2010) from North Carolina State University, United States. Has supervised many master's degree students in engineering, as well as co-supervised several PhD students with his colleagues in Dalian University (China). He is the associate editor of the ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology. 

Research Interest
  • Micro and Nano Mechanics: Crystal plasticity FEM, and MD of dislocations
  •  Biomechaics and Multiphysics: Cardiovascular system modeling, FEM, CFD, and FSI
  • Computational Science in Nonlinear Mechanics: ML and graph theory in constitutive modeling and FEM
  • Educational Neurotechnology: VR/AR/MR/XR applications in collaborative engineering education
  • PhD, 2010 Micromechanics, North Carolina State University
  • MSc, 2010 Applied Mathematics, North Carolina State University
  • MSc, 2006 Mechanical Engineering, The American University in Cairo
  • BSc, 2003 Mechanical Engineering, The American University in Cairo
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  • Ali, A. M., Hafez, A. H., Elkhodary, K. I., & El-Morsi, M. (2023). A CFD-FFT approach to hemoacoustics that enables degree of stenosis prediction from stethoscopic signals. Heliyon.
  • Abulfadl, Y. S., El Ela, Y. A., Al Khaiyat, A. M., Elkhodary, K. I., & Badran, M. (2023). Cyclophosphamide enfeebles myocardial isometric contraction force via RIP1/RIP3/MLKL/TRPM7- mediated necroptosis. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 163, 114819. 
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