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Psychology - BA

Program Overview

Are you interested in the way people think, act and react in different situations? Do you want to build a fulfilling career making a difference in people's lives? AUC's Bachelor of Arts in psychology delves into the complex world of human behavior and mental processes, exploring everything from culture and upbringing to environment, genetics and personality traits. With hands-on experiential learning, community engagement and scientific research, you'll gain a solid foundation in the theory and methodology of contemporary psychology. The program also incorporates cultural diversity, local context and interdisciplinary perspectives to give you a well-rounded education. From counseling and business to politics, research and everything in between, a degree in psychology from AUC opens up a world of opportunities.

Important Information

A minimum of a master’s degree is needed to have the knowledge and skills to offer psychological services to others, and in many cases, a doctorate is required. If you are working or volunteering in settings where you are providing psychological testing, counseling, or psychotherapy, even if under supervision, that is in violation of basic ethics in the field. 

If professionals invite you to engage in such practices, please take the responsibility to educate them regarding the limitations of your training and refuse such tasks. Please let us all preserve the reputation of the field and not engage in such harmful practices.

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Degrees and Admission Requirements

Students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in psychology or the psychology minor should meet the minimum academic and admission requirements set by AUC.


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AUC will help you set your path to success from day one. 

Students can receive anywhere from 20% to 100% of tuition coverage through scholarships and the Excellence Scholarship Program.

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