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Philosophy - BA

Program Overview

Have you ever wondered about the big questions that shape our lives and the world around us? AUC's Bachelor of Arts in philosophy program is your chance to dive deep into the mysteries of human existence and explore the complex ideas that have shaped our civilization. With our program, you'll not only learn about the great thinkers of the past, but you'll also engage in lively debates about the nature of knowledge, morality, beauty, religion, power and the very meaning of philosophy itself. Whether you're interested in law, politics, journalism, education or any other field that requires critical thinking, communication skills and a deep understanding of human nature, a philosophy degree can give you the edge you need to succeed. 

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Degrees and Admission Requirements

Students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy or the philosophy minor should meet the minimum academic and admission requirements set by AUC.


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AUC will help you set your path to success from day one. 

Students can receive anywhere from 20% to 100% of tuition coverage through scholarships and the Excellence Scholarship Program.

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