Mission and Vision


The Freshman Program at The American University in Cairo (AUC) exposes students, through liberal education, to a broad range of ideas across disciplines, enhances their critical thinking and communication skills, and introduces them to the core values of intellectual and personal integrity, civic responsibility and respect for diversity. This is accomplished by engaging student curiosity through active and discovery-based approaches, meaningful and stimulating intellectual encounters, and a multicultural learning environment that expands beyond the walls of the classroom. Students also gain an awareness of their abilities and interests, which allows them to make academic and lifelong choices. The Freshman Program instills a passion for learning and a sense of identity as a citizen of AUC, the region and the global community.


The Freshman Program vision is to foster, through collaborative institutional effort, a broad, intellectually-engaging learning experience in the freshman year and beyond, in which students develop lifelong commitments to learning, research and service, and competencies in effective communication, critical thinking and ethical discernment in diverse, multicultural environments.