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Karim Seddik

Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering

First Place Recipient of the Merit Award for Excellence in Research 2020-2021

Karim Seddik joined AUC in 2011. His research interests include applications of machine learning in communication networks and cognitive communications. He has a distinguished record of research and publication, which has been recognized nationally and internationally. He is a recipient of the State Encouragement Award in 2016, and the Presidential Medal of Excellence, 2017.

Seddik's main research area is wireless communication with a focus on the physical layer. His current research is focused on 5G/6G-related research problems (backscattered communications, intelligent reflecting surfaces, etc.). He is also focusing on using ML/AI in communication networks and, most recently, on the use of ML/AI in biomedical applications. He has worked with engineers from Vodafone to develop ML-based tools for mobile network optimization and self-healing. Another project with ElSewedy Electrometers is to develop new protocols for their smart meters'/smart grid network. He has published many papers on the foregoing projects/topics in collaboration with top international universities. He is among the most active researchers in Egypt and at AUC. Most of his publications are in top Q1 journals and top conferences in my research area. He has more than 135 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers which have attracted around 1470 citations (per Google Scholar).

Seddik has current active collaborations with professors from many leading universities abroad, among which are Princeton University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Manchester University, Rice University, Carleton University, and the University of North Carolina. Karim’s collaborative efforts have embraced colleagues from Egyptian universities, among which are Cairo University, Nile University, Alexandria University, and the Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology. And he is collaborating as well with colleagues inside AUC from ECNG and from other departments. Currently, his biomedical multidisciplinary research involves collaboration with three professors from MENG, one professor from the Global and Public Health Institute and two external collaborators (with a pharmaceutical background.

Seddik's expertise in research has been shared with students. He has supervised more than 30 PhD and MSc students at AUC. Many of his MSc students have pursued PhD degrees in US and Canadian universities. Some of them are now working in academia and others in the industry.

In terms of both quality and quantity, Seddik has compiled an outstanding record of cutting-edge research and internationally recognized publication.

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