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Join the Top University in Egypt and the Region

Experience a global education with opportunities to study abroad in universities in 60+ cities around the world. Compete for more than 800 chances to fund your AUC education with a 50+% excellence scholarship and/or a 40-50% first-year achievement award.

Welcome to The American University in Cairo, the region’s leading U.S.-accredited liberal arts institution. We empower our students to think creatively across disciplines in pursuit of world-changing ideas. We’re a community driven by excellence. Every day.

AUC's Driven Community

Discover the inspiring, vibrant stories of the #AUCDriven community - students, alumni and faculty alike! AUC: Driven by Excellence. Every Day.

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Meet AUC's Driven Community

Explore the inspiring journeys of nine of AUC’s most driven community members; from current students ready to take on the world, to successful alumni whose careers were shaped during their time at AUC and faculty members who are driven by both their innovation and their students.

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Academic Excellence

Education Driven by Excellence. Every Day.

With up to 39 unique undergraduate majors, AUC is a global hub for creative ideas and academic progress. AUC prepares students to be passionate and engaged citizens with the knowledge and tools to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

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