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Suher Zada

Brief Biography

Suher Zada is a professor of biology and immunology at The American University in Cairo (AUC). Zada has over 50 years of academic, administrative and research experience both in Egypt and abroad. Keen towards understanding and solving problems related to the immune system, like infectious diseases with common public health threats in Egypt and worldwide, using advanced and new research techniques in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and computational Studies.

Before joining AUC, Zada was appointed in 1965 to the Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, to teach science and premedical Students. She became a professor of immunology and embryology in 1989. She joined AUC as a part-time faculty in 1991, along with being at Cairo University until 1998, when she was asked to help to develop a Biology Major at AUC and come aboard as a full-time professor. The program has flourished, and the first students graduated in 2000. Zada became a tenured professor in 2004 and served as chair of the Biology Department from when it was founded (2004-2006).

    Research Interest
    • Immunology
    • Infectious Diseases
    • Cancer Research
    • Nanocarriers
    • Drug Delivery

    Use of Bio-Nanotechnology for improving the currently available therapeutics through the design and development of smart drug delivery systems "DDS" to target and treat epidemic infectious parasitic diseases, Hepatitis C virus and different types of cancer.

    • Vaccines - microRNAs.

    Biotechnology and bioinformatics are used to discover and validate new therapeutics, specifically RNA interference (RNAi)-based strategies and vaccines for treating such diseases.

    • Cellular and Molecular Embryology - Developmental and Comparative Immunology

    Current Research Projects

    • Zada, S.K. (Principal Investigator) (2016- Present). Development of Natural Cytotoxic-Loaded Nanoparticles as Complementary Therapy for Liver Cancer. American University in Cairo.
    • Zada, S.K.  (PI), Rabie, I. (Co-PI), ElAhwany, E. (Supporting), ElHefnawy, M. (Supporting) (2012- Present). Nanoparticles as a delivery system targeting Schistosomiasis and Fascioliasis. A pilot study using nanotechnology and bioinformatics. Yousef Jameel Science and Technology Research Center “YJ-STRC” and Theodore Bilharz “TBRI”.
    • Zada, S. K. (PI), ELAhwany, E. (Co-PI), Rabie, I. (Co-PI) (2011-Presnt). Different circulating markers and Micro-RNAs as novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools in HCV-induced liver fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma.

    Peer-reviewed Publications (2013-2018)

    • Rabie, Eman A., Inas SM Sayed, Khalda Amr, Hoda A. Ahmed, Mostafa I. Mostafa, Nehal F. Hassib, Heba El-Sayed, Suher K. Zada, and Ghada El-Kamah. Confirmation of a Phenotypic Entity for TSPEAR Variants in Egyptian Ectodermal Dysplasia Patients and Role of Ethnicity. Genes 13, no. 6 (2022): 1056.
    • Mahmoud, Mohamed, Maha RA Abdollah, Mohamed E. Elsesy, Dalal A. Abou El Ella, Suher K. Zada, and Mai F. Tolba. The natural isoflavone Biochanin‐A synergizes 5‐fluorouracil anticancer activity in vitro and in vivo in Ehrlich solid‐phase carcinoma model. Phytotherapy Research 36, no. 3 (2022): 1310-1325.  
    • Eman Rabie, Khalda Amr, Suher Zada, Heba EL-Sayed, Mohamad El Darouti, Ghada El-Kamah, February (2021) Clinical and Mutational Spectrum of Xeroderma pigmentosum in Egypt: Identification of Six Novel Mutations and Implications for Ancestral Origins (As part of a Special Issue on Genetic Disease in Mediterranean Region). Genes 2021, 12(2), 295.
    • Mohamed Mahmoud, Marwa A Ali, Suher K Zada, Dalal A Abou El Ella and Mai F Tolba August 24 (2020) Molecular Modeling Studies on Biochanin-A as a Potential Dual Hit for VEGFR2 and Cyclin D1-CDK-4 Complex. Cancer Therapy & Oncol Int J.2020,16(5)555947.   
    • Nahla O. Mousa, Ahmed Abdellatif, Nagia Fahmy, Suher Zada, Hassan El-Fawal, Ahmed Osman. February (2020). Circulating MicroRNAs in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery.             
    • Nahla O. Mousa, Ahmed Osman, Nagia Fahmy, Ahmed Abdellatif, Suher Zada and Hassan El-Fawal. (2020) Book Chapter: Rare Diseases : Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) Diagnosis: Past and Present Perspectives January (1st Quarter/Winter) 8, 2020. 
    • Elsayed NA, Zada S, Allam NK (2019) Mineralization of electro-spun gelatin/CaCO3 composites: A new approach for dental applications. (2019) Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl
    • Lobna Mourad, Eman El-Ahwany, Mona Zoheiry, Hoda Abu-Taleb, Marwa Hassan, Amged Ouf, Ali Abdel Rahim, Moataz Hassan and Suher Zada. (2018) Expression Analysis of Liver-Specific Circulating microRNAs in HCV-Induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Egyptian Patients. Cancer Biology & Therapy 19, (5).
    • Abdel-Al, A., El-Ahwany, E., Zoheiry, M., Hassan, M., Ouf, A., Abu-Taleb, H., Abdel Rahim, A., El-Talkawy, M. and Zada, S. (2018). miRNA-221 and miRNA-222 are promising biomarkers for the progression of liver fibrosis in HCV Egyptian patients. Virus Research, 253, pp.135-139.
    • Mourad, L., El-Ahwany, E., Zoheiry, M., Abu-Taleb, H., Hassan, M., Ouf, A., Rahim, A., Hassanien, M. and Zada, S. (2018). Expression analysis of liver-specific circulating microRNAs in HCV-induced hepatocellular Carcinoma in Egyptian patients. Cancer Biology & Therapy, 19(5), pp.400-406.
    • ElHefnawi, M., Kim, T., Kamar, M., Min, S., Hassan, N., El-Ahwany, E., Kim H., Zada, S., Amer M. and Windisch M. (2016). In Silico Design and Experimental Validation of siRNAs Targeting Conserved Regions of Multiple Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes. PLOS ONE, 11(7). 
    • Youssef, M., Tolba, M., Badawy, N., Liu, A., El-Ahwany, E., Khalifa, A., Zada, S. and Abdel-Naim A. (2016). Novel combination of sorafenib and biochanin-A synergistically enhances the anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic effects on hepatocellular carcinoma cells. Scientific Reports, 6.
    • E. Al-Ahwany, F. Nagy, M. Zoheiry, M. Shemis, M. Nosseir, H. Abu Taleb, M. ElGhannam, and R. Atta, S.K. Zada (2016). Circulating miRNAs as predictor markers for activation of hepatic stellate cells and progression of HCV-induced liver fibrosis. Electronic Physician Journal, 8 (1).
    • E. Al-Ahwany, F. Nagy, M. Zoheiry, M. ElGhannam, M. Shemis, M. Aboul-Ezz and S. K. Zada (2016). The role of microRNAs in response to interferon treatment of chronic Hepatitis C patients. Electronic Physician Journal, 8 (2). 
    • W. M. Eldehna, M. Fares, H. S. Ibrahim, M. H. Aly, Zada, S. K., M. M. Ali, S. M. Abou-Seri, H. A. Abdel-Aziz, and D. A. Abou El Ella (2015). Indoline ureas as potential anti-hepatocellular carcinoma agents targeting VEGFR-2: Synthesis, in vitro biological evaluation and molecular docking. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 100.
    • El-Ahwany E., Nagy F., Zoheiry M., El Ghannam M., El Khashab M., Ahmadi W., El-Refaiy M., Zada S., Shaker Z. (2015).  Role of T Regulatory Cells in Chronic HCV Infected Egyptian Patients and Their Impact on the Response to Pegylated Intereron Therapy. J Egypt Soc Parasitol, 45(2).
    • M. Amer, M. Elhefnawi, E. El-Ahwany, A. F. Awad, N. Abdel Gawad, S. Zada, and FM Abdel Tawab (2014). Hsa-miR-195 targets PCMT1 in hepatocellular carcinoma that increases tumor lifespan. Tumor Biology, 35(11).

    Selected Conference Presentations (2013 - 2018)

    • Ismail N. S. , Allam N.K. , Zada S. K., Kulkarni A., Sengupta S. (2016), Fluorescently Surface Charged Nano-Liposomes Reveal unexpected Internalization pattern among various Immune cells: A Step Towards Better Targeted Cancer Nano-immunotherapy, Material Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting & Exhibit Boston, Massachusetts.
    • Ismail N. S. , Allam N.K, , Zada S. K., Kulkarni A., Sengupta S. (2016), Engineering Pegylated Nano-Liposomes as a Novel Delivery Platform for Anthraquinone based STAT3 inhibitor: Towards efficient activation of Dendritic Cells in Tumor Microenvironment, Material Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting & Exhibit,  Boston, Massachusetts.
    • Ismail N. S. , Allam N.K, , Zada S. K., Kulkarni A., Sengupta S. (2016), Novel Engineered Nano-liposomes for Altering Immune Response: A Promising Targeting Platform in Cancer Immunotherapy Applications, Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization Conference, Orlando, Florida.
    • Hassan N. A. , Zada S. K., Allam N.K, (2016), Electrospun Gelatin Nanofibers with Self-Assembled Calcium Carbonate Crystals? An outstanding Approach for Guided Tissue Regeneration, Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Material Research Society MRS, Fall Meeting, Boston M.
    • L. Mourad, E. Alahwany, M. Zoheiry, H. Abu-Taleb, F. Nagy, M. ElGhannam, and M. Hassan, S.K. Zada (2015). Circulating mRNA-122 as a biomarker for HCV-induced hepatocellular carcinoma. International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA), Paris, France.
    • M. H. Aly, M. F. Tolba, I. M. Ayoub, Zada, S. K., A. N. B. Singab, and M. M. Elmazar (2015). Hepatoprotective activity of Dietes bicolor leaf extract: Role of Vitexin.  The Society Of Toxicology (SOT), San Diego, California, USA.
    • S. K. Zada, I. A. Khalil, E. R. Abdulghany, and I. R. Bauiomy (2015). Development of Triclabendazole-Loaded PLGA Poly (D, L lactide-co-glycolide) Nanoparticles for Control of Parasitic Diseases. 3rd FUE International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences (3rd FUE-ICPS), Cairo, Egypt.
    • N. N. Farrag, M. M. Youssef, M. F. Tolba, M. A. Alsherbiny, M. M. Shabana, M. A. Abdel-Kawy, E. El-Ahwany, S. K. Zada (2014). Solamargine; a potential promising anti-tumor agent? Exploring and comparing its potency with nitroso-solamargine and solanine. American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), Shanghai, China.
    • E. R. Abdul-Ghany, S.K. Zada, G. A. Awad, R. O. Ahmed (2014). Improvement of Antischistosomal Activity of Praziquantel by Incorporation into Poly (D,L lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) Nanoparticles. AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition conference, San Diego, California, USA.
    • M. Zoheiry, E. El-Ahwany, S. Hasan,  H. Abu Taleb, M. Magdy, S. Meshaal, M. El-Ansari, I. Raafat, S. Zada (2014). Evaluation of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Markers as Predictors to HCV-induced Liver Fibrosis and Carcinogenesis. Conference of the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL), Cairo, Egypt.
    • E. EL-Ahwany, M. Zoheiry, M. Nosseir, M. El-Ghanam, S. Zada (2013). Circulating microRNAs as potential biomarkers for HCV-mediated liver fibrosis. The Liver Meeting, Washington, DC, USA.
    • N. El-Bassiouni, M. Zoheiry, E. El-Ahwany, M. Nosseir, R. Ibrahim, H. Abu Taleb, S. Zada, A. El Bassiouny (2013). Clinical Significance of Both Serum Connective Tissue Growth Factor and Transforming Growth Factor-Beta 1 in HCV-Induced Liver Fibrosis and Carcinogenesis. Conference of the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL), Singapore.
    • M. Amer, E. E El-Ahwany, M. Elhefnawi, A.F. Awad, N. Abdel Gawad, S. Zada, F. Abdel Tawab (2013). Prediction of microRNA target genes involved in liver cancer pathways and its validation. The International Liver Congress of the European Association for the Study of Liver (EASL), Amsterdam, Netherland.

    Theses and Dissertations (2015 - 2018)

    • Amanda Abdel-All (2018). MicroRNAs as non- invasive biomarkers for the detection of different stages of liver fibrosis in HCV patients. Biotechnology Graduate Master Program. Served as Advisor.
    • Nouran Adly (2018). Evaluation of cytotoxic potential of combined antihistaminic drugs: Cyproheptadine and Loratidine in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Lines. Biotechnology Graduate Master Program. Served as Advisor.
    • Lobna Mourad (2017). Expression Analysis of Liver-Specific Circulating microRNAs in HCV -Induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Egyptian Patients, Biotechnology Graduate Ph.D. Program. Served as Advisor.
    • Doaa Abd El Gayd (2017). Response of T Regulatory Cells and Th17 to the Immunization with Fatty Acid Binding Protein Antigen in Murine Schistosomiasis. Graduate Ph.D.  Program, Ain Shams University. Served as Co-Advisor.
    • Marwa Nassar (2017). Characterization of aggresomes formation in choroid plexus carcinoma. Served as Thesis Reader/Examiner.
    • Reem Deif (2017). The Association between Personality, Coping and Depressive Symptoms in Adult Patients with Chronic Pain. Graduated MA. Counseling Psychology. Served as Thesis Reader.
    • Nahla Osama Mohamed Mousa (2017 to present). Assessment of the effects of some myomiRs as Theranostic markers in neuromuscular disorders. Served as Co-supervisor.
    • Nihal AbdelNabi (2016). Calcified gelatin nanofibers for guided tissue regeneration using water-based benign solvent; an investigation for periodontal applications. Biotechnology Graduate Master Program. Served as Advisor.
    • Eman Rabie Abdul-Ghany (2016) Development of Immuno- Nanoparticles for Targeting Schistosoma Parasites. Biotechnology Graduate Master Program. Served as Advisor.
    • Eman Abdeleem Rabie (2016) Identification of XPA and XPC gene mutations in patients with Xeroderma Pigmentosum. Biotechnology Graduate Master Program. Served as Advisor.
    • Samia Salah Hammouda (2016). Quality by design approach for the optimization of the loading characteristics of Rosiglitazone Maleate drug in PLGA microparticles for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Chemistry Graduate Master Program. Served as Internal Examiner.
    • Marwa Zahra (2016). Transcriptional Regulatory Networks for differentially expressed genes in HCV-induced HCC. Biotechnology Graduate Master Program. Served as Internal Examiner.
    • Noha Samir Ismail (2015). Lipid-based nanoparticles for altering immune response: A step towards targeted cancer immunotherapy. Nanotechnology Graduate Master Program. Served as Co-advisor.
    • Noha Nagdy Farrag (2015). Promising antitumor therapeutics of herbal origin: Exploring cytotoxic activity of glycoalkaloids and unraveling underlying mechanisms. Biotechnology Graduate Master Program. Served as Advisor.
    • Mohi El-Din Youssef (2015). A Study on the Potential Chemomodulatory Effects of Biochanin-A in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells. Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Master Program, Ain Shams University. Served as Co-Advisor.
    • Mohamed Aly (Running). Studies on the potential chemomodulatory effects of vitexin. Biotechnology Graduate Master Program. Served as Advisor.
    • Dina Fares (Running). DNA Integrity in Absolute Teratospermia Patients and Its Impact on Assisted Reproductive Technology Outcome. Biotechnology Graduate Ph.D. Program. Served as Advisor.
    • Postdoctoral researcher, Institut d'Embryologie Cellulaire et Moleculaire du Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (C.N.R.S.), et du College de France Cellular and Molecular Embryology Laboratory, National Center of Scientific Research. Lab of   Professor Nicole Le Douarin, Member of the French Academy of Science, Nogent Sur Marne, France (1986-1987)
    • Postdoctoral researcher, Faculty of Medicine, University of Singapore, Singapore (1976)
    • PhD, Faculty of Science, Cairo University (1975). Thesis title: The Fully Formed Chondrocranium, Embryonic and Adult Osteocranium of Agama pallida. Examiners: Professor Dr. Angus Bellairs, St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London and Professor Dr. Fox.
    • MSc, Faculty of Science, Cairo University (1969). Thesis title: The Early Development of the Chondrocranium of Agama pallida
    • BSc with high honors majoring in Chemistry and Zoology, Faculty of Science, Cairo University (1965).
    • Recipient of Chevalier de L'Ordre National du Merite Knight of the National Order of Merit, Decoration awarded by President Francois Mitterrand of France. 1982.
    • Recognized for her dedicated service as chair of the biology department, 2006
    • Recognized by the former Dean of school of sciences and engineering, the American University in Cairo, Medhat Haroun for the outstanding contributions of the academic affairs committee in promoting and advancing the school’s academic programs, 2007
    • Honored by the former Dean of school of sciences and engineering, the American University in Cairo, Ezzat Fahmy as recognition for the outstanding efforts as chair of the school academic affairs committee, 2011
    • Developed Biology Major at AUC The program has flourished and the first students graduated in 2000. News@AUC Article: Biology Program Blooms Under Dedicated Professor
    • Developed and taught courses, both lectures and labs, new to the biology program at AUC: Molecular Cell Biology (BIOL 211/2230), Microbiology (307/3310), Comparative Anatomy (BIOL 312/3326), Selected Topics in Biology (BIOL 408/4930), Current Health Issues (BIOL 130/1410), and Immunology (BIOL 415/4230).
    • Coordinated and taught the multi-sectional Unity of Life lectures (BIOL 104/1011) and labs.
    • Chair of the SSE Academic Affairs Committee, School of Sciences and Engineering, American University in Cairo, Egypt. (2007-2016)