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Sherin Darwish

  • Position: Senior Instructor
  • Department: Department of Rhetoric and Composition
  • Email: [email protected]
Brief Biography

Sherin Darwish received her BA and MA honors degrees from St. Catherine's College, Oxford, in French and Spanish, after coming up through the French, then English boarding school systems. She has lived in many countries as a child, before getting married and settling in Egypt. After a stint with the UN as editor/translator, she has been teaching for the last 27 years. Darwish has long been a strong advocator for interdisciplinary teaching, bringing as she does a wealth of personal and professional experiences that inform her sharing of inquiry-based knowledge with students and teachers alike. She enjoys intellectual challenges, eclectic reading, translating and interpreting at different professional venues, collecting art, rowing, and cultural travel.

Research Interest

Interdisciplinary teaching

Brain Research and its impact on education

MA, 1986, St. Catherine's College, Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom.

  • 1998, International Schools Services (ISS) Innovative Educational.
  • 1993, John Hopkins, Center For Talented Youth.
  • 1979, St. Catherine's College, Oxford University United Kingdom.
  • Effective Argument
  • Research Writing
  • The Importance of Studying a Modern European Language, Autumn 1993, Issue No. 26 (pages 56-61), September 1, 1993.