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Sherif Goubran

  • Position: Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Program
  • Department: Department of Architecture
Brief Biography

Sherif Goubran is an assistant professor of sustainable architecture in the department of architecture, School of Sciences and Engineering, at The American University in Cairo (AUC), where he joined as joined is as an instructor in the fall of 2020. He completed his PhD in the Individualized Program (INDI) at Concordia University in 2021. His PhD research was funded by several prestigious grants and awards, including the Vanier Canada Graduate scholarship. Before that, he completed a MASc in building engineering in 2016, focusing on energy efficiency in commercial buildings. He holds a BS in architecture from AUC.

Goubran's research focus includes building sustainability and sustainability assessment, sustainability in architectural design and human approaches in design. Specifically, his work investigates the theory and practice of sustainability in the built environment, combines qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and explores the shift from incremental to transformational design. He conducts interdisciplinary research in design, architecture, building engineering and real-estate finance. He is also involved in several sustainability committees and projects on the student and administrative levels and in the broader community.

Research Interest
  • Sustainable design theory and practice
  • Sustainable building design, analysis and assessment
  • Public building and space design for sustainable development
  • Energy implications of infiltration in building envelopes
  • Airflow and energy simulation in buildings
  • PhD, Individualized Program, Fine Arts (Design, Building Engineering and Finance). Concordia University. Montreal (QC), Canada.
  • MASc Building Engineering (2016). Concordia University. Montreal (QC), Canada.
  • BS Architectural Engineering (2014). The American University in Cairo (AUC). Cairo Egypt

Refereed Journal Papers

Refereed Conference Papers

  • Goubran, S.; Cucuzzella, C. & Ouf, M. (2021). Eco-Nudging: Interactive Digital Design to Solicit Immediate Energy Actions in The Built Space. In 9th International Conference of the Arab Society for Computer Aided Architectural Design, American University in Cairo, Online. 
  • Soulikias, A., Cucuzzella, C., Nizar, F., Hazbei, M., & Goubran, S. (2021). We gain a lot… but what are we losing?: A critical exploration of the implications of digital design technologies on sustainable architecture, In 9th International Conference of the Arab Society for Computer Aided Architectural Design, American University in Cairo, Online.
  • Goubran, S.; Cucuzzella, C. & Lee, B. (2019). Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to support the design of buildings – A case study for the design of a Net-Zero Energy interpretation center for UQROP in Quebec, Canada. In EDRA 50: Sustainable Urban Environments Research, Design and Planning for the Next 50 Years. Brooklyn, USA.
  • Cucuzzella, C.; Goubran, S.; & Kamel, M. S. (2017). More than Waiting for the Bus - Rethinking Sites Surrounding Bus Stops. In The 1st International Conference on Towards a Better Quality of Life (pp. 1–12). El Gouna, Red Sea Region - Egypt: Housing & Building National Research Center (HBRC).
  • Cucuzzella, C.; Chupin, J.-P.; & Goubran, S. (2017). CoLLaboratoire: Activating Ecological Knowledge through Community Design Experiments. In Balance-Unbalance 2017 [A Sense of Place]. Plymouth, UK.
  • Goubran, S.; Emond, G.; & Cucuzzella, C. (2017). Understanding Regional Sustainability in the Built Environment. In The 2nd ARTEM Organisational Creativity and Sustainability International Conference. Nancy, France.
  • Goubran, S.; Qi, D.; Saleh, W. F.; Wang, L. (Leon), & Zmeureanu, R. (2016). Validation of Numerical Modeling of Airflow Infiltration through Building Entrance Doors. In eSim Building Performance Simulation Conference (pp. 351–358). Hamilton, ON.
  • Qi, D.; Goubran, S.; Zmeureanu, R.; & Wang, L. (Leon). (2015). Effect of People on Infiltration of Building Entrance with Air Curtains. In ISHVAC-COBEE (p. 9). Tianjin, China.
  • Goubran, S.; Qi, D.; & Wang, L. (Leon). (2015). Annual Energy Saving Impact of Air Curtains in Commercial Reference Buildings. In ISHVAC-COBEE (p. 8). Tianjin, China.

Books and Research Notebooks

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Book Chapters

  • Walker, T., McGaughey, J., Goubran, S., & Wagdy, N. (2021). Expanding Our Understanding of Value Through Innovations in Social Finance. In T. Walker, J. McGaughey, S. Goubran, & N. Wagdy (Eds.), Innovations in Social Finance (pp. 310). Springer International Publishing.
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Professional and Other Research Articles

  • Goubran, S. (2020). Le Québec dans le concert canadien des prix de développement durable. ARQ: Architecture & Design Quebec. (in press – expected publication end of 2020)
  • Goubran, S. (2019). Self-perception, determinism, didacticism. In C. Cucuzzella, C. I. Hammond, S. Goubran, & C. Lalonde (Eds.), Du Didactisme en Architecture / On Didacticism in Architecture (LEAP Research Notebook Vol. 3). Montreal, QC: Potential Architecture Books.
  • Goubran, S. (2018). Architecture: A pluripotent stem field. In L. Martin & J. Lachance (Eds.), Du potentiel de l’hétéronomie et de l’autonomie en architecture / On the Potential of Heteronomy and Autonomy in Architecture(LEAP Research Notebook Vol. 2). Montreal, QC: Potential Architecture Books.

Art and Creative Practice

Conjecture – art installation: November 2018

  • Making arts, marking politics (art residency and exposition): May to November 2018
  • Faculty of Fine Arts– Concordia University

The installation explores questions about vacancies in buildings. Part of the art residency that brought together the Alternative (Concordia’s political party-in-residence from Denmark) taking place at Expo 67 Canadian Pavilion (Parc Jean-Drapeau).