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Randa El Bedawy

  • Position: Associate Professor
  • Department: Heikal Department of Management
  • Email: [email protected]
Brief Biography

Randa El Bedawy is an associate professor at the Department of Management, School of Business, The American University in Cairo (AUC). El Bedawy has been fortunate to obtain a wide range of academic and career-related experience. She acquires more than 22 years of teaching experience, adding to the career-related experience that she acquires as previously the director of the quality assurance office (2007-2010) and the acting head of the Management and Marketing Department at the Faculty of Business Administration and International Trade (2009-1018) at Misr International University.

El Bedawy received her PhD in 2009 from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University; her concentration was quality assurance and higher education accreditation. She got her master of public administration in 2002 with the highest honors from AUC, and her concentration was environmental administration. El Bedawy got her Bachelor of Arts with the highest honors from AUC in 1993. Her major was business administration, with a minor in economics.

El Bedawy received the INJAZ Egypt award for her dedication to the students in the Young Entrepreneurs Competitions in 2011 and 2016. El Bedawy is a former external examiner for the Executive Master of Public Administration Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government, Dubai (2018-2019). El Bedawy was a member of the National Committee for Organizational Development, Ministry of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform in Egypt (2019-2020). El Bedawy is a former consultant of the Export Incubator program (EIP), Egyptian Exporters Association (2020-2022). El Bedawy was a strategic management expert/consultant for Economic Governance Activity (EGA), a USAID-funded project in Egypt (2022-2023). El Bedawy is currently a member of the Advisory Committee, Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Society International (IEOM), Egypt.     

El Bedawy is also active in research through international journals’ publications, international conferences’ presentations, and membership in various editorial boards. El Bedawy's research interests are related to higher education management; organization behavior and development; entrepreneurship and innovation management; and environmental sustainability.

Research Interest
  • Higher Education Management
  • Organization Behavior and Development
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Academic Rank: Associate Professor November 2014 Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt
  • PhD January 2009 Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University
  • Master of  Public Administration – Highest Honors February 2002. Concentration: Environmental Administration - The American University in Cairo 
  • Bachelor of Arts – Highest Honors February 1993. Major: Business Administration - Minor: Economics - The American University in Cairo

Published Book

  • El Bedawy, Randa. Performance Measurement of Public Universities Educational System in the Arab Republic of Egypt: Application on Some Faculties in Cairo University, Public Administration and Consultation Center at Cairo University: Egypt, October 2009

Selected Publications

  • El Bedawy, R. (2023). Good Governance Upholding Sustainable Development. In: The Palgrave Handbook of Global Sustainability, pp 1–9. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

  • Noeir, Lamia and Randa El Bedawy Effectuate the Access to Public Information through Knowledge Management System, Journal of Academy of Business and Economics JABE, 23.2 (2023): 61-78.

  • El Bedawy, R. (2023). Sustainability Education: A Review Toward Developing Higher Education for Sustainable Development. In: Brinkmann, R. (eds) The Palgrave Handbook of Global Sustainability, pp 1225–1235. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

  • El Bedawy, Randa and Mayar El Sayed. The Pharaoh Rises: Z-Generation Startup PIK, Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, 12. 4. (2022).

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