Senior Instructor
Department of Arabic Language Instruction


Brief Biography

Montasser Al-Qaffash is a senior instructor in the Department of Arabic Language Instruction at The American University in Cairo. He obtained a BA in Arabic literature from Cairo University in 1986, and an MA in literary criticism from Van Holland University in 2013. He has served as chairman of the First Book Committee in the Supreme Council of Culture in Egypt since January 2011. He is the editor of the narrative section in the magazine The word e-Month. He has participated as a judge for a number of prizes and awards.

    • 1989      The Texture of Names, (short stories) Cairo: Dar Al-Ghad
    • 1993      The Innermost  Secrets (short stories) Cairo: Sharquiyat.
    • 1996     Leave Permit (novel) Cairo: Sharquiyat.
    • 1999    An Unintended Person (short stories) Cairo: Culture Palaces Organization.
    • 2002    To See now [ novel ] Cairo: Sharquiyat.
    • 2008    A matter of time [ novel ] Cairo: Dar AL- Hilal.
    • 2012    At Eye Level, (short stories) Cairo: Dar AL- Tanweer
    • Award of the United Arab Emirates, for the best Arabi   Short Story 2000
    • State Youth Award for Short Fiction for his collection Shakhs Ghair Maqsood [An Unintended Person]. 2002
    • Award of Best Novel from Sawiris Cultural Award,2009
    • Award of Best Collection of short stories from Sawiris Cultural Award, 2014
Research Interest
  • Arabic literature
  • Useful ways for using technology in teaching