Senior Instructor II
Department of Arabic Language Instruction


Brief Biography

Laila Al-Sawi is a senior instructor II of Arabic as a foreign language in the Arabic Language Institute (ALI) at The American University in Cairo.

Professor Al-Sawi has been teaching Modern Standard Arabic, reading, writing, listening, speaking and media, in addition to Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, at various levels since 1981. She also served as the director of the Arabic Language Intensive Summer Program from 2004 to 2006.

Professor Al-Sawi has participated in a number of material development projects, which are widely used in ALI. Her area of academic interest is AFL (Arabic as Foreign Language) pragmatics, sociolinguistics and the use of CALL (computer assisted language learning) to promote AFL teaching.

      • Co-authored a book entitled: “Al Murshid: A Guide to Modern Standard Arabic Grammar for the Intermediate Level
      • Co-authored a book entitled: "Kalaam Gamiil, An Intensive Course in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic." Volume I & II
      • “Women Language Variation as a Reflection of their position in the Egyptian Society” in: “Researches in the Language”, edited by Al-Said Badawi and Allaa Al-Gibali, which included contributions of other TAFL graduates.
    • 2006 recipient of the CASA Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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      • “Students’ Writing Errors, Analysis and Remedy,” the First International Conference on Contrastive Rhetoric, MESA convention, 2008.
      • “Pedagogical Suggestions for the Application of Language Learning Strategies in AFL Classes and Teaching Material”, University of Georgetown, 2010
      • “Pronunciation as a Key to Better Communication” MESA conference, 2011
      • “Classroom Swap: From Passive to Active Learning” MESA conference, 2014
      • “Enhancing Language Proficiency and Cultural Awareness Through TV  Commercials in AFL/ASL Classrooms”, UCLA 2017
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