Senior Instructor
Department of Rhetoric and Composition
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Brief Biography

Earned a doctorate degree in English Literature from Cairo University and Rice University (1991) and an MA degree (1981) in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from The American University in Cairo (AUC), Hoda Grant has 24 years of full-time work experience at AUC, Cairo University as well as Rice University. She has 12 years of full-time teaching experience at The American University in Cairo, 12 years of administrative work as the associate dean of undergraduate studies and the associate director of the core curriculum at AUC, in addition to 11 years of teaching at Cairo University and two years teaching in the ESL department at Rice University.

She has designed, founded, directed and implemented two new programs at AUC, the First Year Experience Program (2006-2010) and the Peer Advising Leader Programs (2012-2015). Founded the Academic Advising Center at AUC (2010-2013). A twice recipient of AUC’s 2007 and 2012 Excellence in Academic Service Award offered by two different AUC presidents. A recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Service Award and AUC’s Provost Award in recognition of outstanding contributions and support of AUC academic programs.

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  • PhD (Distinction), in American Literature: American drama and feminist criticism. Thesis dissertation entitled “A Feminist Reading of the Plays of Lillian Hellman” a joint degree from Rice University, Houston, Texas, and Cairo University, 1991

    MA (Honors), in Teaching English as a Foreign Language; thesis entitled “Teaching English through Drama” from The American University in Cairo, 1983

    Diploma, in Translation from the School of Continuing Education, the American University in Cairo, 1999-2001

    BA, (honors) in English Language and Literature, English Department, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, 1978