Department of Rhetoric and Composition


Brief Biography

Hadya El-Minyawi is an instructor in the Department of Rhetoric and Composition at The American University in Cairo. She has a BA in English Literature from Ain Shams University and an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from AUC.​ In 2007, she joined the English Language Institute, presently the Department of English Language Instruction, where she taught writing to both undergraduate and graduate students. Prior to AUC, she taught TEFL to bankers at the Egyptian Banking Institute and teachers from the Ministry of Education at the School of Continuing Education (SCE) at AUC.

The themes El-Minyawi currently teaches encourage students to reflect on the human condition and explore the “Big Questions”, such as, who am I?” and “what does it mean to be human?” She also co-designed and taught “Why Be Good?”, a writing course for freshman students.

El-Minyawi believes stories are an integral aspect of a liberal arts education as they offer a window to a broad range of human experience. In the article “What’s in a Story”, she shares some of the true narratives she uses in her courses.  

    • First year composition
    • Material development
    • Student engagement through stories