Professor Emerita
Department of Political Science


Brief Biography

Enid Hill is a professor emerita of political science at The American University in Cairo. She holds an MA and PhD from the University of Chicago and an LLM from University College, London. She joined the faculty in 1968 and presently teaches courses in political theory/philosophy, political economy, the Egyptian legal system and Egyptian constitutional law. She has previously been department chair and editor of the Cairo Papers in Social Science (1996-2001). She was centrally involved with the establishment of the MA in international human rights law and the LLM in international and comparative law, which opened with its first classes in September 2004.

Professor Hill was coordinator of the IHRL outreach program and of the department's participation with the Pretoria LLM in human rights and democratization in Africa consortium.

Her publications include "Mahkama! Studies in the Egyptian Legal System" (1979), still a main reference in English on the Egyptian court system, and a monograph on the Egyptian jurist and scholar, Abd al-Razzaq al Sanhuri (1986) about whom she contributed the reference in the revised edition of the Encyclopedia of Islam. She participated in the two conferences sponsored by the Egyptian Constitutional Court with articles published in The Role of the Judiciary in the Protection of Human Rights (1997) and Democracy, the Rule of Law and Islam (1999). Other articles on law in Egypt are published in Commercial Law in the Middle East (1995), Islam and Public Law (1993) and articles on Egyptian law and the judiciary and Egypt's economic laws in publications of the Tokyo Institute of Developing Economies. She has published in the American Journal of Comparative Law and in the short-lived but trend setting Review of Middle Eastern Studies (London). A study of the economic laws of Egypt that accompanied the infitah (opening) of 1974 is forthcoming. Present research includes a study of the Egyptian Constitutional Court decisions with articles published in Cairo Papers in Social Science (1998) and Egypt/Monde Arabe (1999). Articles on political economy in collections include "Norms and Distribution Processes in Egypt's New Regime of Capitalist Accumulation" (2004) and "First World, Third World, Globalizing World: Where is the Middle East?" (1999). She is co-editor of Social Welfare and Social Development: Asian Experiences (1997) and editor of two Cairo Papers collections: New Frontiers in the Social History of the Middle East (2000) and Discourses in Contemporary Egypt: Politics and Social Issues (1999).