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El Sawy

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry


Brief Biography

Ehab El Sawy received his BSc, and MSc degrees from Al-Azhar University, Egypt, then moved to the University of Calgary (UofC), Canada, where he received his PhD in physical chemistry (electrochemistry). El Sawy received the Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship, PhD-NANO, for his proposal for core@shell nanoparticles and their fuel cell applications. During his PhD, El Sawy co-founded the University of Calgary Electrochemical Society Student Chapter with his colleagues. After his PhD, he joined Dr. Peter G. Pickup Group at Memorial University, Canada, as a postdoctoral fellow to work on enhancing direct formic acid fuel cell (DFAFC) performance by developing new anode catalysts. After his fellowship, El Sawy joined Dr. Birss's group at UofC to lead a research project on developing ethanol electro-oxidation catalysts. He also explored new research directions through his work on electrochemical sensors and redox flow batteries.  El Sawy co-authored many papers and book chapters and participated in several national and international conferences. El Sawy is a member of several professional organizations, such as the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE), the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), the Electrochemical Society (ECS), and the Material Research Society (MRS). Also, he voluntarily serves as a reviewer for these organizations. El Sawy joined the Department of Chemistry at AUC in July 2017 as an assistant professor.

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  • PhD in Physical Chemistry, September 2008 - July 2013: 

    • Under the supervision of Dr. Viola I. Birss, Chemistry Department, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Thesis title Development of Nano Structured Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Anodes.

    MSc in Physical Chemistry, May 2005 -  August 2007: 

    • Under the supervision of Dr. Hassan A. El-Shayeb, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Egypt. Thesis title Corrosion Behavior of Magnesium and some of its Alloys in Aqueous Media.

    BSc in Chemistry, September 1998 - May 2002:

    • Honor’s degree, Al-Azhar University, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Egypt.
Research Interest

Exploring and developing research projects related to electrocatalysis, fuel cells, energy conversion and storage devices, electrochemical sensors, electrodeposition, corrosion, corrosion protection, and in general, material science and its related electrochemistry.

Teaching Interest

I am interested in teaching physical chemistry and applied electrochemistry courses for the undergraduate and graduate level, using different teaching strategies like lecturing, demonstration, collaboration, and learning by teaching to best fit the student learning styles like auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning.