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Doris Jones

  • Position: Senior Instructor II
  • Department: Department of Rhetoric and Composition
  • Email: [email protected]
Brief Biography

Doris Jones is a senior instructor II at the Department of Rhetoric and Composition at The American University in Cairo. Jones is currently examining the intersections between the rhetorical power of archives for purposes of knowledge creation and the ubiquity of digital archives in faculty and students' lives. Her research is guided by the following primary question: How are archival collections and the physical matter of archival holdings contributing to the emergence of archival literacy? Jones believes archival literacy is a core motivation and outcome of humanities and social sciences research.  A deeper understanding of knowledge creation processes in archives can benefit faculty and students. She collaborated with the documentary film team Mazz Media for the production of the film Stories of the American Puppet, which won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing. Jones believes archives are much more than passive repositories of old documents, photographs, film and other artifacts, but rather they are active sites of memory for the creation of new knowledge.

    Research Interest
    • Archival and Information Literacy for Qualitative Inquiry
    • Rhetorical Canon of Memory for Advanced Rhetorical Practices and Composition
    • Post-Revisionist Historical Analysis of America’s Lynching Legacy
    • Small Group Metacognitive Reading Strategies for Undergraduate Students
    • Global Citizenship


    Papers and Conference Presentations

    • Jones, Doris. Performing Autobiography – The Josephine Baker Story. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Center for Life Writing and the Center for Biographical Research Life Writing and Film Biography in the Trans-Cultural Context Oct. 29-30, 2016, Shanghai, China
    • Jones, Doris. Pedagogy and research-oriented (four workshops) on Metacognitive Reading Strategies and Undergraduate Research offered by American University in Cairo’s Doris Jones, Sept. 13-15th. The American University in Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
    • Jones, Doris. Undergraduate Research Matters—Redefining Significance in the Rhetoric and Composition Curriculum. Neighbors and Bridges Day. Department of English Language Instruction. 27 Sept. 2016. American University in Cairo. Waleed Building
    • Jones, Doris. Thinking with Data: An Integrative Learning Approach. CLT 2016 Symposium: Teaching Innovation at AUC. 6 Nov. 2016
    • Jones, Doris. Active and Engaged Learning with Digital Pedagogies. AMICAL 2016. 12-14, May. The American University of Rome. Rome, Itlay
    • Jones, Doris. Data-Driven Innovation Middle East and North Africa. Roundtable Discussion with Academia. Big Data in the 21st Century. 20 February 2016. Dar El Diafa, Cairo University, Giza – Egypt
    • Jones, Doris. Embedding Metacognitive Reading Strategies in the Higher Education Curriculum. The American University of Beirut Sixth International Conference on Effective Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Feb. 12-13, 2016
    • Jones, Doris. Moving Beyond the Syllabus: An Epistolary Approach to Decorporatizing Liberal Arts Education. 2nd Global Conference: Letters and Letter Writing (March, 2015: Lisbon, Portugal)
    • Jones, Doris. Common Reading Programs – Building Reading Cultures. 34th Annual First Year Experience Conference, Dallas, TX. Feb. 2015. Chaired panel to discuss common reading programs
    • Jones, Doris. Bridging the Pedagogical Gap - Metacognitive Reading Strategies in Higher Education. CLT Faculty Symposium 2015. Innovative Teaching at AUC
    • Jones, Doris. Spatial Praxis: Theories of Space, Place and Pedagogy.” CLT Day. Beyond the Lecture. 14 Sept. 2014
    • Jones, Doris. First-Year Experience: Building Best Practices for Sustainable and Life-Long Learning for AUC Students and the Community. FYE. Orlando, FL, USA. February 2013

    In the Media

    Teaching in Egyptian News

    • Visual Rhetoric Course Helps Students Understand Egyptian Culture and History. RHET 1020- “Interpreting Visual Culture: The Rhetoric of Image” Summer 2012). Al Gomaa. 2012. Web
    • New Visual Rhetoric Course at AUC. Sada El Balad. 6 Aug. 2012. Web. 2012
    • Visual Rhetoric Course at AUC Helps Students Understand History and Egyptian Culture. Al Ahram Al Arabi. 7 Aug. 2012. Web
    • Visual Rhetoric Course at AUC Helps Students Understand History and Egyptian Culture. Al Fagr. 6 Aug. 2012. Web
    • New Visual Rhetoric Course at AUC. Masress. 6 Aug. 2012. Web
    • AUC Adds Visual Rhetoric Course to Academic Program. Egyptian Universities News. 7 Aug. 2012. Web
    • MA in Communication, Culture and Technology (CCT) Georgetown University, Washington, DC May 1991
    • BA in Hearing and Speech Sciences (HESP) with an emphasis in speech-language-pathology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD May 1981
    • Recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award, 2017, The American University in Cairo
    • Outstanding Leadership and Commitment to the Academy of Liberal Arts as the inaugural director of the Common Reading Program, 2017