Abdel Fattah

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
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Brief Biography

Dina has graduated from The American University in Cairo in 2008 and started her MSc in the University of Sussex and currently finishing her PhD at the same university. Her doctoral research is on the economics of young women in Egypt. Dina has started teaching as a part-time at AUC in 2010. Additionally, Dina is a migration consultant at the Egyptian Society for Migration Studies. Her current research interests are in labor economics and migration studies.

  • Third regional report on “International Arab Migration 2014”. Chapter 5: Migration and Development. Migration and Arab Expatriates Department. The League of Arab States. 2014.

    Impact of Arab Revolts on Migration: Egypt and Libya. CARIM analytic and synthetic notes. 2011.

  • Econ2021 Introduction to microeconomics

    Econ3051 Development economics   

    Econ2081 Statistics for economists

    Econ2061 Mathematics for Economists

    Econ3071 Labor economics