Abo El Seoud

Senior Instructor II
Department of Arabic Language Instruction


Brief Biography

Dalal Abo El Seoud graduated from The American University in Cairo with a major in economics and a minor in Arabic Studies in 1978. Abo El Seoud earned her master’s degree in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language in 1994 from The American University in Cairo. Her thesis was titled: Collocations and Vocabulary Teaching. She earned her PhD from Ain Shams University in 2003 from the Department of Curricula and Methods of Teaching, where she worked on her dissertation, titled: The Effect of an Integrated Approach on Developing the Oral Skills of Learners of Arabic as a Foreign Language. Abo El Seoud has been teaching at AUC since 1997, in the Department of Arabic Language Instruction and has served as chair of the department since 2013. Abo El Seoud is a co-author of a series of three Arabic writing textbooks called ‘uktub al- ‘arabiyya, and the Arabic-English Lexicon of Verbs in Context.