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Brenda M. Segone

  • Position: Assistant Professor of Design History and Theory
  • Department: Department of the Arts
Brief Biography

Brenda Segone is an art historian and a writer. Her latest multidisciplinary research, entitled Occidentalism in Egypt: Representations of Europe and Europeans in Painting, Literature, and Cinema from 1937-1973, focuses on creative practices in postcolonial Egypt in relation to discourses about form and identity constructs. She received numerous scholarships for her doctoral research, and her creative writing has been awarded several times. She has worked with French institutions in Cairo, Cedej, and Ifao. Segone has a multicultural background, being fluent in English, French, Greek, Arabic, and Armenian.

Research Interest
  • AI and theories of creativity
  • Transcultural theory
  • Eastern and Western heritages
  • Art and Design
  • Egyptian historiographies and epistemologies
  •  Subjectivity and perception
  • Non-verbal communication systems
  • PhD, Paris 1, Sorbonne University
  • MA, Paris 3, Nouvelle Sorbonne Université
  • Postgraduate Scriptwriting specialization, Cinemamed foundation
  • MFA, Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts
  • In-progress: Occidentalism in Egypt: Representations of Europe and Europeans after 1945 in Painting, Literature and Cinema, AUC Press, Cairo, 2023.
  • Le voyage en Occident de Muḥammad Nājī (1888-1956): esquisse d’un nationalisme, Annales Islamologiques, (54), 2020, p. 333–380.
  • Concrete Poetry in Space, MASR Research in Modern & Contemporary Art, 2018, Exhibition Catalog.
  • In Conversation. A Painting Show, MASR Research in Modern & Contemporary Art, 2019, Exhibition Catalog.
  • Recto Verso, novel, International circulation, Plan Bey Publishing, 2012.
  • À Une Virgule Près, play, La Cd-Thèque Publishing, 2009.
  • La Bête Mécanique, short story, La Cd-Thèque Publishing, 2009.
  • La Traversée du Nombril, short stories and typoetry, La Cd-Thèque Publishing, 2005.
  • L’Homme à la Recherche du Point,  short stories and poetry, La Cd-Thèque Publishing, 2003.