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Abdel Zaher

Associate Professor
Department of Accounting
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Brief Biography

Angie Abdel Zaher is an associate professor in the Accounting department at The American University in Cairo since 2009. She earned her BA and PhD in accounting from Florida International University in 1997 and 2009 respectively and her MBA from The American University in Cairo in June 2000. Before receiving her PhD, Abdel Zaher pursued a successful career in corporate accounting locally and globally in some of the top multinational companies. She had various functions ranging from auditing, general accounting, cost accounting, planning, and controlling supervisory roles in some of the world’s top multinational corporations. She started her career with KPMG as a staff auditor for the USAID division in Cairo, Egypt. Later, she joined 3M Corporation as their cost accountant in Dallas, Texas. She has started out at DaimlerChrysler as a business development analyst and later promoted to planning and reporting supervisor for the Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge brands Cairo, Egypt. She was the accounting manager for Vehicle Division at Toyota Tsusho Corporation in Miami, Florida, and the Parts and Accessory center for Fort Lauderdale in the United States. Abdel Zaher was the senior financial analyst for the research and development section at Johnson and Johnson in Skillman, New Jersey. Her fifteen years of corporate professional expertise crosses different industries and geographic markets giving Abdel Zaher a unique competitive edge that is leveraged in her teaching techniques and research. Her passion for the profession is what drives her teaching style as she has implemented innovative teaching techniques like the DSRP framework and the drawing for understanding to enhance student critical thinking skills in accounting. 

Zaher has been an active member of the American Accounting Association and the European Accounting Association where her research has been presented and discussed.

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      • Abdel Zaher is a member of the American Accounting Association (AAA) and the European Accounting Association (EAA) and her research has been presented regularly at the annual and regional meetings.   
      • Abdel Zaher is currently Co-acting as the academic adviser to the Accounting Association (AA) club, which is the accounting club at AUC that brings both the student and the accounting professional together to further develop the student and introduces them to the professional careers in accounting.
      • Abdel Zaher has served as the chair for the University Budget Committee and member of the university senate.  A member of the research and Grant committee and the accounting department representative for the AACSB since 2009.
      • ACCT 2001 - Introduction to Financial Accounting
      • ACCT 2002- Introduction to Managerial Accounting
      • ACCT 3001 – Intermediate Accounting I
      • ACCT 3004 - Cost Accounting
      • ACCT 3005-  Auditing
      • ACCT 4003 – Contemporary Issues in Accounting
    Research Interest

    Abdel Zaher's research interests fall in the areas of auditing, corporate governance, corporate social responsibilities and firm performance. Abdel Zaher research can be found in the International Journal of Corporate Governance, International Journal of Business, Corporate Ownership and Control, Journal of Accounting and Finance, International Journal of Finance and The Journal of Economic Asymmetries.