Professor and Chair
Department of Petroleum and Energy Engineering


Brief Biography

Ahmed El-Banbi is a professor (tenured) of Petroleum Engineering and chair of the department at the American University in Cairo (AUC). He has more than 25 years of diversified international experience in reservoir and petroleum engineering. Prior to joining AUC, Dr. El-Banbi was a professor of Petroleum Engineering at Cairo University. Over his career, he worked as an engineer, manager, trainer and a technology developer.

El-Banbi spent twelve years with Schlumberger where he held a variety of technical and managerial positions in five countries. He has considerable experience in managing multi-disciplinary teams and performing integrated reservoir studies. Previously, he had shorter assignments with a major oil company and a consulting company in addition to academic research and teaching experience. He authored and co-authored more than eighty technical papers, two book chapters, one recent book in PVT, and holds one US patent. He has been on numerous SPE committees, program chair for the North Africa Technical Conference and Exhibition, and technical reviewer for the SPE Reservoir Engineering and Evaluation Journal and other journals. El-Banbi holds BS and MS degrees from Cairo University, and an MS and PhD degrees from Texas University; all in petroleum engineering.

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    Research Interest
    • Applied Reservoir Engineering
    • Reservoir Simulation
    • Applications of ANN and AI in the Petroleum Industry
    • Multiphase Flow in Pipes
    • Nano-Fluids and Enhanced Oil Recovery
    • PVT and EOS Modeling